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educated. Mike and I should show
this to Mary and me.
Now to the other side of the brain,
the more quantitative. Numbers
and graphs are important. They tell
a story in few words. The greatest
graph of all time is the space and
time record of Napoleon's march
into Russia. In that fascinating
graph, the x-axis is time and the
names of the battles and terrain
features (those are the independent
variables because they keep going
independently no matter what), and
along the y-axis is the numbers
of soldiers remaining (that's the
dependent variable, because it well,
depends). You can see the march of
the season along the time and terrain
axis and how the number of troops
starts to wither. You can picture the
poor souls dropping from hunger,
disease and frostbite, and perhaps
even battle. Remember there is
poetry, meaning and effort behind
the numbers. Appreciate the effect of
a good graph.

Learn to understand a few basics
of accounting. It has little to do with
math; many a mathematician has
perished in accounting. It is simply
a set of rules for putting quantities
in a certain holding place. Don't let
it be a mystery, for you will pay a
higher price. The basic equation is
ALE, Assets = Liability + Equity,
or, in other words, what you have is
a summation of what you owe and
what you own. Drink up the ALE and
try to own more than you owe.
And when you do own something,
invest it (or in it) wisely, for you must
earn a much higher percent than you
lose to get back to the same starting
point. Remember this: If you have
$1,000 and lose 20 percent, you end
up with $800. You then have to earn
back 25 percent-or a higher percent
than you lost-to get back to $1,000.
Now, the moment all you alumni
have really been waiting for: the
meaning of life. It is very simple.
The meaning of life is [drum roll] to
give life meaning. It sounds easy,

and it can be. Do not be misled by
your education. You had faith in
something originally-or before you
became informed. You must make the
transition back to the pre-informed
truth-and have post-informed faith.
That will give you meaning to give
life meaning.
I told you at the start I would give
you two-thirds of the formula and
simply tell you what I was going to
say, then say it-but I wouldn't tell
you that I said it (no summary). And
I won't. Always keep your word,
and if you-for good and unselfish
reason-ever need to amend it, do
so cleverly and in a fashion that still
complies with the contract. In other
words, use both sides of your brain.
Pay close attention to respectful
grammar. Appreciate that which
carries life. Love numbers, for they
too contain a poetic story, as do all
the languages. It all has meaning, as
it did before you came here and will
after you've gone. Especially if you
give it such.

GSAE Leadership
Academy 2.0
The next Leadership Academy
class will begin in October
2018 and will offer up to 56
credit hours to qualify to sit
for the Certified Association
Executive (CAE) exam or
to recertify. The class will
kick off with an overnight
retreat followed by 8 daylong sessions and will
include experiential learning
opportunities and tours of

895354_Editorial.indd 1

local associations. Convenient
payment plans are available
as long as the balance is met
by December 31, 2019.
GSAE's Leadership Academy
launched in 2008 as a result
of a three-year task force cochaired by two past presidents,
the late Clare B. Reagan,
CAE, IOM and Ragan Cohn,
CAE. It continues to be a
flagship program, thanks to

the efforts of more than 50
volunteers who have shared
their knowledge with the next
generation of association
leaders in Georgia. The
Leadership Academy is an
excellent opportunity for
association professionals
to build their knowledge of

organizational management,
while providing GSAE with a
deep bench of leaders. Over a
third of the participants have
since earned the Certified
Association Executive (CAE)
designation and more than
three-fourths have volunteered
with the Society.

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