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> ThE INTERNShIP ExPERIENCE This installation of our Internship Experience series focuses on one intern's time at Association Services Group. From the organization BY SAMANThA KIlGoRE, DIRECToR oF MARKETING AND CoMMUNICATIoNS, ASSoCIATIoN SERvICES GRoUP JUST AFTER NEW Year's Day in 2015, I, along with the rest of the team at Association Services Group, LLC, welcomed our new intern, Camille Odom. Although we had tremendous candidates, Camille seemed to fit perfectly into our office culture. She had a go-getter attitude and positivity that makes for excellent association management - and honestly, something we would need to get through one of the companies' busiest seasons. A recent graduate from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!), Camille started off at a full on sprint on January 5. From January until Mid- March alone, she attended and assisted with four annual meetings, two day-long strategic board meetings, and one statewide informational tour across seven different South Georgia locations. I should take a moment here to mention that though Camille was our third intern here at ASG, she was the first I would supervise. I was actually the very first intern for ASG, in a not-so-far-away 22 Spring 15 January of 2012, so it was easy to recall what helped me most as a newbie to the industry. The challenge would be in translation. Take our association's needs and goals and cater those to give Camille the professional experience that could help her reach her career ambitions. Here are some things that stuck out during this experience: 1. Multi-tasking is a good selling point for this generation. In one of our first conversations about this internship opportunity, I remember telling Camille she definitely would not be getting bored at ASG. In her time here so far, Camille has dealt with host hotel BEO's, manned membership booths, created marketing e-blasts, and helped hone the budget for an upcoming board meeting. Luckily for Generation Y - of which I am a part - juggling comes easy. Due to the sheer number of mobile devices, social media networks, television, radio and internet marketing and plain old distractions, our generation has been conditioned to focus on more than one thing at a time. This is a huge plus from a management perspective in this industry, and can definitely be a good draw for future employees. 2. Take advantage of the in-between time. Some of the best conversations Camille and I would have often took place on the car ride to meetings. This was a good time for her to ask any general questions about the task at hand, association management in general, and often why we might be doing something in particular with a client association. It also encouraged me to think critically about how and why we do certain things with our clients, and even what could be done differently. 3. Give ownership. One of the most valuable things I learned from my work with ASG in 2012, and something we've made a point to give Camille these past months, is ownership. A project to see through from start to finish can draw out tons of new

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Connections - Spring 2015