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> message from the chair Back When I Was Your Age... ThERE'S A MovEMENT taking shape, in case you weren't aware, led by a group that today comprises roughly one-third of our total population. The group values family and community, and is focused on a work-life balance. By and large, they are hard-working, eager to learn, and willing to take on additional responsibility - if they are appreciated and challenged. They are results-oriented and take care of business utilizing the latest technologies, without embracing the traditional 9-to-5 workday. Environment is important, and experiences are what it's all about - being where the action is, entertained and engaged. Yes, the millennial movement is well underway. For you baby boomers out there, like me, all the attention being given to this group of under 30s is tough to digest. After all, we've been the favored child for so long, growing up hearing how unique we were, used to receiving the special treatment, recipients of a better world our parents worked hard to create after surviving the Great Depression and World War II. For decades we ruled and knew all there was to know. We were on the cutting edge of technology, easily transitioning from facsimile to e-mail, and understanding the importance of keeping our websites fresh. The role suited us well, and we thrived playing the part. While the party's not over for us, millennials are grabbing the spotlight. Economists, manufacturers and advertisers are focused on these young adults, a generation more educated than any other. All kinds of interesting reports are out there to read on the movement, and almost every one carries a common theme in that the millennials mean business and are rapidly advancing in their professional careers. So what does this mean for the associations we manage, especially when baby boomers likely make up the bulk of your membership? Fortunately, a recent poll suggests that young Americans believe that through involvement in nonprofits, they are contributing to positive societal changes. So as millennials are looking for the right organizations to join, and baby boomers are beginning to think of retirement, the real 6 Spring 15 ThE EMERGING PRoFESSIoNAlS AMBASSADoR PRoGRAM Keep an eye out at this year's Annual Meeting for our emerging professionals and their ambassadors! This program connects emerging professionals with a seasoned professional to help the newcomer navigate sessions, discover new resources and create networking opportunities. Being an Ambassador is a short-term commitment and requires very little time, yet can make a big difference in the Annual Meeting experience for the Emerging Professional. Annual Meeting Ambassadors will benefit by expanding their professional contacts while investing in the future of the organization, and will also receive recognition throughout the Annual Meeting. If you are interested in helping an Emerging Professional navigate future meetings, check the box on the registration form and we will match you with a first-time attendee. If you have already registered for the annual meeting and would like to participate, please email Wendy at question is, "What are our organizations doing to prepare for this changing demographic, and to provide these up and coming new members with the purpose and fulfillment they seek?" Recognizing the movement, GSAE hosted an interactive "Millennial Infusion" luncheon last year, showcasing live examples and scenarios of how to work best in multi-generational associations. We've also introduced an Ambassador Program, connecting emerging young professionals with seasoned association executives for the purpose of two-way growth and a better understanding of how different generations can work with one another toward a greater result. Watch for more programming in this area coming soon. Whatever your generation or your role, always be your best - for the millennials are coming, and they are making a difference! Jim Fowler, CAE President, Atlanta Apartment Association

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Connections - Spring 2015