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> message from the chair Hungry for Volunteers? CoLLECTIVE ACTIoN HAS proven time and again to be a powerful thing. People who band together around a rallying cause have a long tradition of accomplishing significant things. Just consider the American Revolution and civil rights movement. When individual professionals join forces for a common cause, they, too, have the ability to make a tremendous impact. Take GSAE as an example. While we as an organization are fortunate to have two very gifted and dedicated staff members, there is only so much Wendy and Jane Anne can humanly do. Combined with our deep bench of talented volunteers, however, GSAE is able to provide member benefits and services well beyond the scope of our material resources. Are we moving mountains in the process? Maybe not-but we are making a significant difference in the professional lives of those who've chosen association management as a profession and reside in and around Georgia. For sure! GSAE volunteers do a lot of the work of the association. Through task forces, committees and shared interest groups, they recruit, welcome and orient new members; pursue renewals; pair mentors and mentees; research issues; and identify trends and potential partners. With meaningful work, a finite timeline and recognition for a job well done, our volunteers are "all in" in their commitment and dedication to advancing our profession. Volunteers are likely the lifeblood of your organization, too. How are you engaging your members and embracing their volunteer spirit? How do you look for that winning combination of purpose and volunteer service? What's in your magic formula of enlisting volunteers and keeping them involved? There's no simple answer, but building consensus around a shared vision is the primary key to finding your collective voice. There are certain components worth considering in your appeal for volunteers, such as: * The benefit to the individual for being part of a volunteer group * Why each volunteer is uniquely needed for the cause or event * How volunteering directly impacts the mission or bottom line 6 Summer 2015 Through my role in leading the Atlanta Apartment Association (AAA), I have the privilege of being part of an annual food drive benefitting the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB). The AAA "Food-A-Thon" started 28 years ago in very small scope, from an idea generated by one key member who recognized the need of a growing population of food insecure families in Georgia-those who do not know where their next meal is coming from. The thought of helping the hungry took off in a big way. Member companies and employees jumped on board to support the cause. Fast forward to today, and the AAA campaign is one of the largest food and fund drives in the United States. In 2014 alone, our Food-A-Thon collected enough food items and money to provide seven million meals to hungry families in Georgia. During the past 25 years, collections of food and cash from this event have provided nearly 80 million meals (there are no typos here)-talk about staggering! The Food-A-Thon initiative kicks off in the spring each year, followed by six months of promoting and coordinating. Apartment owners and management companies compete against each other for prizes and bragging rights about who can raise the most, and residents of member apartment communities are invited to contribute. The extensive efforts culminate with the AAA Food-A-Thon themed parade, where Atlanta's apartment companies literally march in to the Food Bank's downtown campus on an October morning with countless truckloads of food, then unload and catalog boxes, cans and bags of food supplies, as well as tons of cash raised for the cause. There is no other event anywhere quite like it. Building consensus around a shared vision is what it's all about. That's who we are and what we do. So generate those conversations, seek out that rallying cause, empower your volunteers and continue to make a difference! Jim Fowler, CAE President, Atlanta Apartment Association

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Connections - Summer 2015