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> Keeping Up with Technology The Georgia Association of Water Professionals employs new technology to be more effective BY MARY LOU JAY STAFF MEMBERS AT the Georgia Association of Water Professionals are constantly on the go, so they require technology that enables them to work efficiently wherever they are. GAWP found the solution: Microsoft Surface 3 tablets that also function as desktops and laptops. That switch was just the start of the technology changes that GAWP has made to 12 > Summer 2016 increase staff productivity and improve services to members. GAWP has a diverse and complex membership that includes 4,000 individual members, plus corporate members from water and stormwater utilities, engineering firms and equipment companies that treat and manage drinking water, wastewater and stormwater throughout Georgia. The association also serves as the state representative for several national organizations that focus on water issues. "Our purpose is the professional development and technical training of water professionals," said Executive Director Pam Burnett. The association has two campuses, a training institute in Carrollton and the headquarters in Marietta, but the association frequently holds workshops, conferences and training sessions throughout the state. GAWP employees typically had three devices: a desktop, a laptop for travel and an iPad for quick tasks. But managing that system became more time-consuming as the diverse pieces of hardware required constant updates, and staff often found their equipment didn't work as needed at off-site locations. Director of Operations Joel Peacock had been looking for a better solution, and when Microsoft introduced its Surface 3, with full laptop capabilities, GAWP decided to make the switch. "Now every employee has one device. When an employee sits down at her desk, she puts the Surface into the docking station to connect it to a keyboard, to the office printers and multiple monitors-whatever you would typically have with a desktop computer," Peacock said. When the employee goes to a meeting, she simply undocks the Surface and takes it with her; the Surface can function as a laptop or tablet that contains all of her files and programs. When staff members work the registration desk at an off-site location,

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Connections - Summer 2016