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> How to Enhance Your Events with Mobile Games BY KIM HARWOOD AND ERIN COLOMBO WANT TO SHAKE up your next event or conference? How about a GAME? App gamification provides participants everything they need to play right in the palm of their hand. Users can view the game requirements, read instructions, see prizes, reach out to others for tips and participate all from their mobile device. But with all the options out there, how do you decide which type of game to host? Start by determining the goal of your game. Know Your Game's Purpose Similar to your event, a game won't succeed without an end goal or objective. Do you want to increase attendee networking? Teach members more about your association? Highlight key exhibitors and sponsors? Facilitate new member meetups? Introduce new staff? Wendy Kavanagh, CAE, President of GSAE, hosted their first photo contest game at their 2016 Annual Meeting. As Wendy explains, it was a learning experience that will be improved for next year. "We learned a lot about what kind of instructions and incentives we need to offer to play, but we are absolutely glad we did it to raise awareness of what makes Athens, Georgia, a unique meeting location and to increase our attendees' interaction with the app and one another." Once you know the purpose of your game, you can decide which type would be best for your event. We'll take a look at three different types of mobile event app games and how they can be best applied to your own events. 18 > Summer 2016 1. Scavenger Hunts An in-app scavenger hunt is a networking, location-based game. Users can check in to specific host locations or be directed to an individual to find the answer and next clue. Locations can be at the exhibit hall, reception area or even a city block. As with all games, you'll want to share who's leading the hunt on the game leaderboard to spur on other participants. Be sure to push notifications and send an email sharing prize details and instructions to ensure everyone has an opportunity to play. If you are looking to promote exhibitor and sponsor networking, a scavenger hunt is a great game to host. Have attendees visit booths for answers/codes to proceed through the hunt. Scavenger hunts can also showcase a host's venue or city, allowing attendees to see and sample all that the location has to offer. 2. Quiz Bowls An in-app quiz bowl is a knowledge contest where users compete to get the most correct answers in the shortest time. This game can reinforce educational concepts addressed during the conference. If you want to increase attendee interactivity, place attendees on teams. Team competition ups the fun factor and material retention. Quiz bowl questions can be based on the event, organization, educational concepts, or anything really. Just keep the goal of the game in mind as you create your questions. 3. Photo Contests Everyone loves pictures! Participants complete photo challenges and submit the pics through the app for judging. Judges select the winner's gallery for all to see and share. Photo contest challenges can vary from photos around the venue/city to posing with association staff or new friends. Get your venue host to suggest key areas around the venue for pics. Highlight the host's efforts and prize donations by making them the game sponsor. Conclusion Mobile games are a great way to get your attendees networking. All event-goers need is your mobile event app and a mobile device to participate. But your game doesn't have to stop at your attendees. Incorporate your sponsors and exhibitors in the fun while also providing unique ways to highlight their efforts. And don't be afraid to get creative! The more you make the game all your own, the better the experience will be for participants. Kim Harwood is President of Results at Hand Software, and Erin Colombo is Marketing Manager. Learn more about how you can connect, educate and motivate your audience with mobile event apps at

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