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> GSAE events 2015 Summer Luncheon - Set GSAE Afire with Your Great Ideas The July 8 luncheon speakers focused on lessons learned, experiences created and other success stories - in under 15 slides and just five minutes each. The "drinking from a fire hydrant" cliché certainly applied! THANK YOU TO OUR SPEAKERS! Debra Berliner - Crisis Communications in a Digital World Robin B. Gray, Jr, JD - Our Scary Digital Future Mike Pennington, CAE - Reading the Warning Signs Ragan Cohn, CAE Reclaiming Your Mojo: Stretching Your Mental Muscles for Greater Joy and Success John Harrison, CAE Where Associations Come From Russ Webb - Bright, Shiny Tech Tips THANK YOU A huge thank you goes out to our fabulous luncheon host and sponsors Sponsor Host connections 21

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Connections - Fall 2015

Message from the Chair
GSAE News & Events
New Members
Thank You, GSAE Volunteers!
SAO Leadership Program Strengthens Association on Multiple Levels
Attending Athens
Purpose, Plan, Performance
Member Perspectives: The Undeniable Significance of the Handwritten Note
GSAE Summer Events Wrap-Up
Destination: The Outer Banks
Choices: There’s No Debating Our Leaders
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Connections - Fall 2015