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> choices There's No Debating Our Leaders ONCE UPON A time in our country there was an interest in shaping debate around what the common man should do and what great influences he (or she) might have in the conduct of ordinary affairs. Nowadays, not so much. We're infatuated with so-called leaders, celebrities, candidates and the like. Many of them are in places of leadership because of inherited wealth, family connections, or-more innocuously-pure luck. I'm probably a candidate myself for some support group because I'm not a big fan of leadership as a particular discipline. And forgive me, but I'm especially down on people who major in "management" in college, expecting that to somehow catapult them into leadership. There's maybe a need for a course or two here and there in management to find out about Maslow's hierarchy (hint: just read the Cliff's Notes), or perhaps if someone is interested in the academic research of the topic for its own sake. There's no one less prepared to help in the work place than a recent management major. It says to me: here I am, expecting to know how to run stuff, but I've no clue how to do anything BY JOHN P. HARRISON, CAE, CMP really-plus I'm afraid to admit I couldn't even do the math to major in business. Arguably the greatest leader of the last century was Winston Churchill. He didn't really start his highest office of leadership until age 65-retirement time for most. There he led the free world to face down an empire led by a madman. Right, the bad guys have leaders too; they're everywhere. Maybe that's why we spend all this time focused on leaders, we want to make sure we don't get a bad guy as a leader. connections 25

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Member Perspectives: The Undeniable Significance of the Handwritten Note
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Destination: The Outer Banks
Choices: There’s No Debating Our Leaders
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Connections - Fall 2015