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> message from the chair Lead, Follow or Move Aside DOES THE PHRASE "connecting leaders, advancing associations" ring a bell? Well it certainly should - it's GSAE's tag line, and something we as an organization enthusiastically embrace through the collective efforts of many. In our last issue we focused on the "advancing" piece, and the critical role volunteers play in the advancement of our organizations. Our focus today is on "leadership," and the importance of being strong, effective leaders in the roles we serve. With the many changes occurring in our social, economic and business environments, is the landscape also changing in respect to effective leadership practices? I say no. Fads and cycles come and go, however, proven leadership skills and the qualities of effective leaders are time-tested and consistent. If you manage, supervise, or formally influence other people toward a common purpose, you lead them - and how you go about doing that will determine the degree of your success as a leader. Becoming an effective leader is a process of growth and development - gathering knowledge, skills and experience through successes and failures. Books and formal education can add to your leadership style, but the best way to learn how to be an effective leader is by doing. Leadership today is really the practice of influencing, and getting others to want to get things done. So, what is a well-meaning manager or supervisor supposed to do? How does one operate as a leader in today's high performance organizations? My advice is to concentrate on a few key areas. * Executive Presence - Have and display confidence, courage and charisma. Allow others to readily see your dedication and "all in" commitment to the cause. * Be Accessible - Nurture relationships, carve out time away from phones and meetings to grab coffee 6 Fall 2015 with a colleague, enjoy lunch with a professional friend or just pop into someone's office to chat. * Be Honest - Trust is paramount. When your colleagues realize your actions and decisions are made based on what's best for the organization versus what's in your best interest, your influence will flourish. * Be Dependable - Walk the talk. Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you'll do it. How can you expect fellow team members to deliver when the leader is singing from a different song sheet? * Seek Opinions - It's not just about you. Show a genuine interest in others, find out what is important to your co-workers and help them achieve their goals. * Be Transparent - When people have honest information and get straight talk from their leaders, they will consistently do the right thing. Leadership growth starts with the fundamentals, and time on task is a key driver. Spending time around other leaders can be invaluable as well - having dialogue, sharing stories and lessons learned. GSAE is the forum for all of this and more, and it's easy to tap into our community. If you are not already taking advantage of connecting with fellow peers and the incredible network of leaders within GSAE, what are you waiting for? Join the movement, watch yourself grow, be the best you can be - and make a difference!! Jim Fowler, CAE President, Atlanta Apartment Association

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Connections - Fall 2015