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> meetings thought leadership Fall Foodie Fabulous AUTUMN IS UPON us and our thoughts of summer barbecue quickly blow away like so many colored leaves. In their wake: cranberries, apples and pumpkins-oh my! These may be the signature tastes and scents of the fall but there are atypical ways in which to showcase them (and wonderful goodies with which to pair them). Here are a scant, spicy few... BREAKFAST/BRUNCH Pumpkin Spice French Toast This dish doesn't get done up by the order, rather it gets baked-casserole-style-into the most heavenly comfort food imaginable. Great for the breakfast or brunch table or even a decadent morning coffee break, it's an easy self-serve choice and the smell alone will have your attendees flocking to the table. LUNCH Roasted Beet & Bleu Cheese Salad Talk about putting color on the table-nothing does it like brilliant earthy beets, their jewel tone offset by the complementary greens of fresh dill and scallions. The tangy cheese and bright vinaigrette offer beautiful balance. And it's fall, so why not throw a decadent, creamy cheese into the mix? Gorgeous on the plate and brilliant on the palate. DINNER Spicy-Sweet Spuds Think sweet potato fries are outré? Spice them up for cocktail hour with a dusting of chipotle powder for some heat to go with the Time is Money AND EFFICIENCY. TIMELINES and deadlines promote forward motion, save money, save time. Don't just set the deadline-keep an eye on it to stay on point. In this respect, technology is your friend. Consider management software-making an investment there can reap ROI in efficiency and success. Worry not about your association's financials. The right tools can do most of the heavy lifting. ClubExpress is economical and tailored for smaller professional and trade associations (25-5,000 members), merging the association's website with the member database-making 26 > Fall 2016 sweet. Serve them in a fun paper cone (branding opportunity!) and create a fun walk-around snack or a simple, savory side to your mains. COCKTAILS Apple Cider Mimosas Move over citrus, see you later hibiscus, it's fall-and apples rule the roost. Rim the flutes with cinnamon sugar and top the champagne with cider. Meeting in an apple-y region? Make that cider local! Serve it at brunch, lunch, cocktail hour. So refreshing! DESSERTS Candy Corn & White Chocolate Blondies If Fall had a No. 1 addiction, candy corn could be it. It's colorful and whimsical and reminds everyone of trick or treating-related sugar rushes once gleaned first-hand-now perhaps more often via candy stolen from kids you know and love. This is a sugar-junkie's delight (you'll make up for it with an array of healthy choices at breakfast, don't worry). Attendees will be napkin-wrapping these to enjoy back in their rooms like a secret treat. online signups and renewals, event registration and credit-card processing easier. MemberLeap's features include a powerful member database that allows for dues tracking and communication, along with content management tools that make website updates a breeze. Event registration is built in as well, ideal for conferences and conventions. Elements for online learning and other kinds of training are included. MemberPlanet is a toolbox for simplification! Manage membership, ease communication, and increase event participation with registration forms, event sites, mobile apps for admins and members, surveys for member input and lots more. No advertising, no sharing of data.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Connections - Fall 2016

Message from the Chair
GSAE News & Events
New Members
AWI Improves its Industry through Member Engagement
Engaging with Generation Y Members
Member Engagement is a Journey, Not a Transaction
What Matters Most to Members?
Don’t Settle for ‘Good’
Professional Development vs. Career Management
GSAE Fall Events
Congratulations to the GSAE Leadership Academy Class of 2016
Meetings Thought Leadership
Destination: Nashville’s Neighborhoods
Choices: Travel through Time
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Connections - Fall 2016 - Engaging with Generation Y Members
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Connections - Fall 2016 - Member Engagement is a Journey, Not a Transaction
Connections - Fall 2016 - What Matters Most to Members?
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Connections - Fall 2016 - Don’t Settle for ‘Good’
Connections - Fall 2016 - Professional Development vs. Career Management
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Connections - Fall 2016 - GSAE Fall Events
Connections - Fall 2016 - Congratulations to the GSAE Leadership Academy Class of 2016
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Connections - Fall 2016 - Destination: Nashville’s Neighborhoods
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