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Social Media 2016? It's a Snap! EARLIER THIS YEAR, Snapchat surpassed Twitter in users, boasting some 150 million daily users (that's up from 110 million back in December). Twitter, per Bloomberg analysis, averages about 140 million at the moment-having suffered at the hands of newer apps like Instagram. Think it's only the young'uns using Snapchat? Think again. Older users are new and enthusiastic adopters of the app, which makes images, videos and other content available in the very short term-from seconds to a max of about 24 hours depending on how you use it. So how are people harnessing its power at meetings? Well, for one there are those young'uns. They love the Snapchat! Use it and you'll have your younger attendees' attention. Per the company, more than 60 percent of the 13-to-34-year-old demographic prefer Snapchat. That may or may not be because their parents are on Facebook, but either way, it's big for video sharing-everything from keynotes and team building events to cocktail-hour entertainment that can be shared from your association's account. You can collect clips and share them post event, as well, and encourage members to get on and share their experiences. Some companies promote sales via Snapchat, offering coupons or other incentives that can't be opened until they're at the shop, lest they disappear. Generating some offers of this nature at a conference can drive attendees to sessions, charity events, cocktail hours, meet-and-greets and a host of other on-site happenings with incentives, then keep them there with great programming and networking opportunities. Snapchat is set to go mainstream; it's time for businesses to take note of its applications and get creative. Best of 2016-Comfortably Fun THE THING ABOUT comfort foods is that everybody likes them. "That's why moms make them and why Americans continue to order them in restaurants, no matter how many ethnic options there are out there," says restaurant critic and food writer Rona Gindin ( who has been following food-service trends for some 30 years. It's also why these rib-sticky dishes have a stellar sell for planners looking to wow attendees, feeding its fire as a hot F&B trend for 2016. "What's more," Gindin notes, "now that younger generations have grown up with ethnic foods-think of salsa, which is Mexican, being the country's No. 1 selling condiment-meeting planners and creative chefs can turn some ethnic staples into jazzed-up comfort foods too." Mixing and matching ethnic flavors and formats can also freshen up a comfort food menu. "Take brisket. Pot roast. Beef stew-some classic potted meat," she suggests. "Simmered with lemongrass and stuffed it into an Asian-style bao, it becomes something of a taco with a sweet, spongy, white-bread exterior. Now, you've got classic comfort food and trendy ethnic food in one convenient hand-held meal." Brisket in tacos, laced with cilantro and a delicious, handmade sauce-mild red or fiery green-offers attendees Tex-Mex flair. Served atop white rice with shaved-on fresh ginger, now you've got an Asian-style rice bowl. "Classic fried chicken is an American favorite, but with big pieces and bones, it's not a good fit for finger foods or even plated entrees," she warns. "Take bits of thigh or breast, though, and marinate the chicken in Sriracha hot sauce before breading and frying. Voila! Korean chicken fingers! Pair it with a Tennessee hot sauce for a take on Nashville hot chicken, which is trendy right now." Concerned about the spice factor? Work that heat into a dipping condiment instead and offer an alternative. Gindin suggests something sweet, perhaps made with local honey. Come dessert, you've got a host of Paula Deen-esque classics to serve traditional or trendy! Pudding, says Gindin, never gets old. "Chocolate is a classic crowd-pleaser," she says, "but use a high-end chocolate like Valrhona, top it with handmade whipped cream-from local cows if you can get it-and suddenly you have Chef Joe's Signature Deep Dark Valrhona Chocolate Pudding with Cocoa-Dusted Farmer Brown Whipped Cream!" Sounds impressive, tastes familiar. "Vanilla pudding is a blank canvas. Add cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, or bits of vanilla bean. Almond syrup...!" Gindin says the only limit is your imagination. "Serve it in an interesting bent spoon, colored shot glass or stemmed martini glass, and suddenly it's far more exciting that what we all had at the school cafeteria-yet its familiar enough that it'll be a crowd pleaser every time." connections > 27

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Message from the Chair
GSAE News & Events
New Members
AWI Improves its Industry through Member Engagement
Engaging with Generation Y Members
Member Engagement is a Journey, Not a Transaction
What Matters Most to Members?
Don’t Settle for ‘Good’
Professional Development vs. Career Management
GSAE Fall Events
Congratulations to the GSAE Leadership Academy Class of 2016
Meetings Thought Leadership
Destination: Nashville’s Neighborhoods
Choices: Travel through Time
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