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Giving Together
to Help the Hungry
Members of the Refrigerated Foods Association make a difference with
cash and in-kind donations.
PEOPLE TEND TO give most
generously when a charitable cause
is something that they can really
relate to. So when the Refrigerated
Foods Association (RFA) was
looking for a charity to support, it
made sense to select organizations
dedicated to feeding hungry people
across the United States.
The RFA is an organization of
manufacturers and suppliers
of prepared, refrigerated food
products. Founded as the Salad
Manufacturers Association in 1980,
the association changed its name
in 1992 to reflect the broader range
of foods its members produce.
"These are value-added, prepared
foods, everything from deli salads
to sandwiches to pizzas," explained
Megan Levin, the association's
executive director.
The association has 160 member
companies with 800 people from
them actively participating in its
conferences and events. "For the
most part, we focus on technical
food safety research and support
training, on industry advancement
and development and on programs
that help our members keep on top
of trends," said Levin. "This is a
very close community, and one of
the biggest benefits of membership
is the networking opportunities
that these events offer."
The RFA staff also includes Katie
Hale, the communications director,
and Martin Mitchell, the part-time
technical director.

Finding the Right Partner
Levin credits the chair of
RFA's Membership committee,

> Fall 2017



Wendie DiMatteo Holsinger of ASK
Foods in Palmyra, Pennsylvania,
with spearheading the association's
venture into charitable giving.
"When she brought it up to the
Board, there was a lot of talk about
what organization we should work
with. There are so many options,"
said Levin. The RFA had a small
committee that investigated
various organizations to determine
the right one to focus on. "Some of
them were just too complicated;
they made it difficult to give. All
we wanted to do was to support
them, but you had to go through a
lot of bells and whistles."
After many phone calls and
consultations with the Board,
the RFA decided to work with
Feeding America, whose mission
is to feed America's hungry
through a nationwide network
of more than 200 food pantries,

soup kitchens, shelters and other
community-based agencies. The
problem is widespread; Feeding
America says that 42 million people
face hunger in the U.S. today,
including nearly 13 million children
and more than five million seniors.
The RFA kicked off its charitable
giving program in July 2016, which
the association has designated
National Deli Salad Month. It
was a two-pronged effort, with
RFA members giving money to
Feeding America through a "Set
the Table campaign" and also
making in-kind donations to local
food banks. RFA made it easy for
companies to contribute money,
adding a link on its website
that went directly to the special
Feeding America fundraising
page. In addition, Feeding America
helped connect RFA member
companies interested in making


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