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Fill'er Up!


YOU'D THINK IT would be simple to
fill three days with fun goings-on,
especially when there are meetings,
educational sessions and keynotes
to program before you worry about
the fun extracurriculars-but with
so many different attendees, there
are just as many ideas about which
activities are most appealing in
any given destination. Read on
for a sampling of how to fill your
attendees' time, not kill it.

Coastal destinations are a
no-brainer, but you have to think
critically. For everyone who can't
wait to get their toes in the sand and
surf, there's someone else for whom
the beach view is far more appealing
than the actual sand itself.
Be sure to build in some free
time for folks to hit the pool or the
surf-hooking up with outfitters
for stand-up paddle boarding,
parasailing or jet skiing to give
those interested in getting salty the
choice to do so. Meanwhile, hook
into the local shopping scene for
attendees who'd rather not get into
bathing-suit mode and schedule
a tour that pops into local foodie
spots (Fudge? Taffy? Craft beer?)
and mixes it up with great places
for regional gifts to take home.
If your property isn't waterfront,
consider moving the party to a
nearby property or venue that
is for your morning sessions,
then-weather dependent-host
your mid-morning break in a space
that overlooks the beach, sound,
bay or canal, open-air or enclosed.


Cosmopolitan settings are
exciting and versatile, often rife
with cultural experiences-and
venues-that planners can use

to their advantage and their
attendees' delight.
Where better than to take
attendees on a culinary adventure
than a metropolitan setting, where
chefs and artisans from all over the
world bring their skills to share
with enthusiastic diners? What's
more, many cities have multiple
venues that are walkable, allowing
planners to break meetings
out into groups that can make
criss-cross trips to and from the
venues-even building in a game
to help folks meet, network or
team-build. Choose to "go around
the world" and hit up venues
from exotic, far-flung corners
of the globe (Manhattan's Curry
Row, Orlando's Little Saigon or
Philly's Chinatown) or check out
the best of what's local-barbecue
in Memphis, Tex-Mex in San
Antonio or pierogis in Pittsburgh.

> Fall 2017

These destinations differ wildly
depending on the season, so take
advantage! Much like the beach,
there are going to be attendees who
are itching to get out on the slopes

or the hiking trails and, conversely,
those more interested in driving
tours with great leaf peeping or
cowboy dinners that allow for a
less outdoorsy exploration of the
great outdoors.
Super active attendees are
easy, they'll find fun skiing and
snowboarding but they-and
the slightly less extreme outdoor
enthusiasts in your group-may
find snowshoeing a wonderful
alternative. Group hikes allow
for exercise, brilliant views
and socializing.
The green season, on the
other hand, is a great time for
arts and culture in mountain
havens; warmer weather brings
people out in their airy finery
for things like the Lake Tahoe
Shakespeare Festival or the Hot
Air Balloon Rodeo in Steamboat
Springs, Colo. On the East Coast,
the Blue Ridge Mountains offer
some of the best hiking trails in
the region, or your attendees can
skip the outdoorsy stuff altogether
and enjoy a whistle-wetting
exploration of Virginia's Blue
Ridge Beerway.


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