Connections - Fall 2017 - 27

Growing the YOU Brand
about professional development,
but in an industry that's so often
focused on the career growth of the
membership, it can be easy to let
one's own fall by the wayside. But
dedicated learning can offer rich
rewards, allowing you to adapt
and grow along with both evolving
technology and the perpetual shift
of the global economy.
Yes, it's a time investment, but
one that pays off in spades.

Be the Sharpest, Shiniest Knife
Think about the team you work
with every day. Maybe you're a
manager or executive. Maybe you'd
like to be one someday. Which of
your current colleagues would you

hand-pick for your crew? Be honest.
Would you be among them? A great
employee, no matter the level,
reflects beautifully on his or her
manager and organization. Honing
your tools, your skill set, keeps
you current, and makes you the
sharpest knife in the drawer.

The Freshest Information
Do you know the latest and
greatest in your field? When
someone asks about a new app,
a new seminar, a new service, a
trend in education-are you able to
jump in with the answer? You want
your members to take advantage of
the education you and your team
are offering. So, too, should you.
Attending events is a phenomenal

way to learn-not just through
the formal programming, but by
touching base with colleagues and
hearing what's hot.

The More You Know
It's not just the knowledge,
it's the people! Professional
development conferences,
whether online or IRL, connect
you to innovative colleagues,
connections who can come in
handy for innumerable reasons
that can help you in current and
future positions, whether directly
(new job!) or indirectly (amazing
resource for your members).
Expanding your professional circle
is a guaranteed expansion of your
professional knowledge.

There's No Prohibition in the Palmetto State
adult-beverage-themed space to
host your next SC event? Consider
these-and cheers!

Here There Be Rum
At the Hilton Head Distillery,
tours take roughly 45 minutes,
more than enough time for your
group (the facility is available
for private events) to learn
the history of rum and the
fascinating process of making
it, which-of course-will be
followed by a tasting flight!
Toasted coconut, spiced and
Mountain Peak Espresso are
a few of the varieties. The
pirates in your group will
certainly appreciate the unique
activity, and may initiate a

few other members into their
fold before the fun is over.

Brew the Day
The Charles Towne Fermentory
is a friendly space that's available
for buyout-its lauded beers are a
hit with the locals-and the small,
on-site open kitchen hosts local
chefs and caterer for events (they can
even hook you up with food trucks).
And you know, nothing says "quality
swag" like a gift growler filled with
dry-hopped saison!

Grape Expectations
You may not think "wine" when you
think Myrtle Beach, but Duplin Winery
offers several resplendent settings for

corporate events-and they're happy
to slake your thirst with the fruit
(juices) of their labor while doing so.
Small and large groups welcome.

Columbia Craft Trail
Not only are there breweries in
the city of Columbia, SC, there are
enough that your group can take a
walking/tasting tour if they're so
inclined Those less inclined for the
walking part might enjoy a ride on
the Columbia Brew Bus. Three stops,
three breweries, lots of fun tasting
and history of the local industry along
the way. You can also incorporate
the area wineries into the mix. Call
for details, they can craft (brew) an
experience that's tailor-made.
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GSAE News & Events
New Members
Living Legends: Aubie Knight, CIC, AAI, CRM; Susan Cheshire, CAE; and Jim Moody, CAE
Giving Together to Help the Hungry
GSAE Doing Good Works & Helping Their Communities
8 Steps to Successful Mobile Activation
GSAE Internship
GSAE Fall Events Round-Up
Meetings Thought Leadership
Destination: South Carolina
Choices: Herbal Tea on the Job
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