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> PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE BY DARREN PENN WHAT A PRIVILEGE AND honor it has been to serve as President of GTLA. The 2015-2016 presidential term was cer- * Set records PAC fundraising, becoming the largest PAC in the state of Georgia; and tainly one to remember. While the accomplishments of GTLA * Several amicus victories for Georgians including the Hankook were many, the most rewarding aspect of my time as president Tire Co., Ltd. v. White, 335 Ga. App. 453 (2016) where it was has been working with my fellow trial lawyers who volunteer their held that a consent judgment is proper for maintaining venue time for this organization as members of the Executive Committee over nonresident defendants after the resident defendant and numerous other committees, as well as the magnificent GTLA settles. staff led by Executive Director Emily Wring and the legislative staff Once again, the Annual Convention and President's Gala last led by Political Director Bill Clark. The simple truth is that without month were simply fantastic and a wonderful way to end a presi- the help of all of these outstanding individuals, GTLA would not be dency. Not only were GTLA members treated to outstanding CLE able to get much done. I will cherish the memories and friendships programs, but the powerful stories and messages shared by Darryl made this year forever. Burton, who spent 24 years in jail for a murder he did not commit, This year we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Georgia and Dr. Robert Franklin, who explored the depths of morality and Trial Lawyers Association. GTLA was founded in 1956, and its the practice of law, were truly inspirational. However, for me, first president was a man by the name of Roscoe Pickett. It was recognizing those who stand up for justice were special moments. not known as GTLA back then; it was called the Georgia Chapter Congratulations once again to those recognized for their excellence of the NACCA (National Association of Claimants Compensation at the Annual Convention: Attorneys). Later, our organization became known as GAPTA * Audrey Tolson - PAC Chair Award (Georgia Association of Plaintiff Trial Attorneys). In those early * Kevin Patrick - Fred Orr Scholarship years, there were only about 100 members. Membership was * David Boone - Community Service Award (for his work in by invitation only. Annual dues were $10. From those humble beginnings, GTLA rose to become the most important defender of the civil justice system in Georgia and the envy of trial lawyer associations across the country. founding CLAWS, Civil Lawyers Against World Sex-Slavery) * TLA of the Year - Savannah TLA * Jeff Shiver & Alan Hamilton (on behalf of their client Efrain Hilario) - Courageous Pursuit of Justice Award Today, GTLA boasts over 2,000 members and offers the finest GTLA's highest honor, the Guardian of Justice award, was CLE programs, legislative advocacy, assistance to the appellate presented to presiding judge Herbert E. Phipps. He gained an courts through amicus briefs, information sharing and fellow- appreciation for justice and equality early in his legal career as a ship for those trial lawyers ever striving to make a difference in trial lawyer trying cases and civil rights litigation, including school the lives of others. There simply is no better legal organization desegregation, voting rights, jury discrimination, student rights, in the country. police brutality and discriminatory employment practices. He has During this past year, I had the honor of visiting nearly all since served on the Georgia Court of Appeals for nearly 20 years and of GTLA's 26 local chapters throughout the state, traveled to was the Chief Judge from 2013-2015. Having a sterling reputation Washington, D.C. to lobby for trial lawyer issues, attended more and being respected universally among members of the bar, Judge meetings, dinners, CLEs and other functions than I can count and Phipps is a champion for justice in all forms. worked on many important legislative issues. All of these miles A new award was created this year to recognize a trial law- and hours were logged in the name of justice. And everywhere yer that has exhibited not only excellence in the courtroom and I went, I was surrounded by fellow trial lawyers zealously work- devotion to the civil justice system, but who has done so with the ing to keep our courts open, fair and equally accessible to all utmost professionalism. It is only fitting that the inaugural winner Georgians. It has truly been amazing to see so many fellow GTLA of the Tommy Malone Award for Excellence in Advocacy is the members doing their part to fulfill GTLA's mission. award's namesake: Tommy Malone. In my opinion, there is no Some of the milestones achieved by GTLA during the past year include: * A record number of GTLA and Civil Justice PAC champion members; * Passed proactive legislation for the first time in a number of years; * Continued building relationships with Georgia's executive branch and appellate courts; * Record-breaking attendance at the Holiday Workshop, Annual Convention and other CLE programs; finer trial attorney in the country. Not only has he been a stalwart for justice for decades and his trial results unmatched, one of the greatest things about Tommy Malone is his dedication to making a difference in the lives of others. And what a difference he has made in the lives of others! GTLA is blessed to have him as a member. Again, I am very thankful for the opportunity to have served as the president of this special organization. GTLA is in wonderful hands with the leadership of my friend Pope Langdale and those who will follow including, Adam Malone, Mike Prieto, Laurie Speed, Dan Snipes and Lyle Warshauer. The future is bright. ● Spring 2016 7

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President’s Message
GTLA at 60: A Conversation with Tommy Malone
Law Practice and Cloud Computing: Staying Ethical in a Digital World
14 Years in the Making: Justice Delayed, but Not Denied
What is the Plaintiff’s Burden in Proving the Value of Medical Expenses?
An Introduction to Daycare Negligence Cases
Diminished Value Claims: Not Just for Cars Anymore
Seeking Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse
Case Updates: What’s New?
Workers’ Comp: Recent Developments
Civil Justice PAC Contributors
Champion Members
Welcome New GTLA Members!
Notes: What’s New with GTLA Members
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