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GTLA at 60: > FEATURE A Conversation with Tommy Malone In recognition of the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, the Verdict Board sat down for a conversation with long-time member Tommy Malone. Tommy joined GTLA in 1967, served as GTLA President in 1980 and has been - and continues to be - an active member of the association for the better part of five decades.Tommy received the inaugural Tommy Malone Award for Excellence in Advocacy at the GTLA Annual Convention on April 28, 2016. Verdict Board: Mr. Malone, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Could you start by telling us how you first got involved with the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association? Tommy Malone: I graduated from law school in 1966, but was admitted to the Bar a year earlier through the tutelage provision. I didn't have to get a law degree, but I didn't have an undergraduate degree and I thought my parents deserved at least one. I opened up my shop in Albany that year and I heard about this thing called the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association. Actually, it was the Georgia Chapter of NACCA - the National Association of Claimants' Compensation Attorneys. The first President was Roscoe Pickett who, significantly, was the only Republican that I knew. Eventually the name was changed to GAPTA (Georgia Association of Plaintiff Trial Attorneys). This is an interesting part of the story. There were about 100 members, and the dues were $10. And I heard about this seminar that they were hosting in Atlanta, probably 1967. It was quite a trip from Albany to Atlanta in those days; I had to save up to get there. By the way, I drew $350 a month when I started practicing law. 8 Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

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GTLA at 60: A Conversation with Tommy Malone
Law Practice and Cloud Computing: Staying Ethical in a Digital World
14 Years in the Making: Justice Delayed, but Not Denied
What is the Plaintiff’s Burden in Proving the Value of Medical Expenses?
An Introduction to Daycare Negligence Cases
Diminished Value Claims: Not Just for Cars Anymore
Seeking Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse
Case Updates: What’s New?
Workers’ Comp: Recent Developments
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