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feature A Letter from Your Listserv Committee G TLA’s Listserv is a unique and valuable resource for all GTLA members. Unfortunately, the amount of non-litigation related traffic has increased to the point that many GTLA members, including some of our most experienced trial lawyers, have opted-out of the Listserv. It is to the detriment of all members that we are missing their valuable input and advice. Therefore, GTLA’s Executive Committee recently formed a committee to make and to enforce the rules governing the Listserv, and to eliminate abuse that has driven many people away. Ultimately, the goal of this committee is to preserve the Listserv as a user-friendly resource for all members rather than an annoying source of junk e-mail. To help us reach our goal, it is important that everyone understand what the Listserv is and more importantly, what it is not. It was created to facilitate the exchange of litigation-related information among members and to assist members in the practice of law by sharing valuable information such as recent developments in the law, new defense strategies, jury verdicts, possible referrals and law office management tips. It is a professional Listserv. It is not a social network or a chat room. It is not a vehicle to tell jokes, to make lunch plans, or to engage in philosophical or religious discussions. With nearly 1,500 attorney members, it only takes a few violations to ruin the experience for everyone. To that end, we recently revised the rules which govern participation in the Listserv. We also set up a separate email account, listproblemsgtla@, to which we encourage members to send suggestions, criticisms, complaints, and rule violations. Please do not address violations of the rules on the Listserv or with GTLA staff members, as we now have a committee created specifically for that purpose. Please note, these rules must be followed by all individuals participating in the Listserv, and failure to adhere to these rules will result in discipline pursuant to Paragraph 14 of the Rules. The Committee will be actively monitoring the Listserv to enforce these rules and to administer the appropriate sanctions. Listserv access is a privilege offered to members who comply with the rules; it is not a right given to members simply by virtue of their membership in GTLA. (Section 1.01(c)). Rule violations will initially be brought to the member’s attention privately, but repeated infractions will result in a public reprimand and can ultimately result in the temporary or permanent suspension of Listserv membership. The Listserv rules are currently available on the GTLA website at The number one complaint received is the inundation of irrelevant and/or personal emails. These rules are designed to eliminate unnecessary emails which bury valuable content and thoughtful responses, and otherwise curb Listserv abuse. The rules identify exactly what type of conduct is prohibited, but below are a few specific rules that are violated on a daily basis and deserve special emphasis: Personal Messages, Such as “Thank You” or “Congratulations,” Should NOT be Sent to the Entire Listserv: Messages where the only content is “thank you,” or “congratulations” should not be sent to the 1,500 Listserv members, and should be sent directly to the appropriate individuals. Check the GTLA Archives Before Asking for Information: The GTLA Archives contain all prior Listserv posts (so be mindful of all of your posts!). If you want information about a mediator or an expert, or a go-by complaint for a dog attack case, your first step should be to check the archives. Nearly every mediator in Georgia and most experts have been the subject of a previous request. Do not post a request unless and until you have searched the archives, yet still require additional information. You may search the archives by going to GTLA’s website at www.gtla. org and logging into your account. Avoid Duplicative or Cumulative Responses: Unless you have new or additional information, do not simply repeat what others have already said. There Summer 2013 29

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President’s Message
A Primer on Birth Injury Cases and How to Keep Them “Simple” for the Jury
Online Research of Potential Jurors: A Survey of Resources and Ethical Boundaries
Jury Selection and The Millennials
Confessions of a Trial Lawyer Geek: Great iPad Apps for Trial
GTLA Out & About
Ten Ways to Protect Clients Through Workers’ Compensation Settlements
A Letter from Your Listserv Committee
Case Updates: What’s New?
Workers’ Comp: Recent Developments
Champion Members
Welcome New GTLA Members!
Court Reporters Marketplace
Notes: What’s New with GTLA Members

Verdict - Summer 2013