Verdict - Summer 2017 - 33

TS: Helping my clients get their lives on a

to pick something it would be when the facts

AES: I wish someone would have told me that

better track.

and law are on your side, but it appears a bias

it is just as important to get involved in the

RAJ: I enjoy the part of the case when your

or a stereotype decides the case should go

legal community early as it is to work hard

client is finally vindicated after being told for

in a different direction.

and grow in your position at a firm.

years that they were wrong.

SJ: The length of time it takes to get a case

SJ: How important it is to continually learn and

AES: This may sound cliché, but I really enjoy

to trial.

push the envelope. To be effective, you have

knowing that we are helping people-usually

What do you wish someone
told you earlier in your career?

to be willing to leave your comfort zone. ●

in one of the worst times of their life.
SJ: The challenge of devising an effective

LB: I wish someone had told me to make the


case strategy.

time to attend the trials of more experienced

Jennifer Kurle is the principal of

What do you enjoy least about practicing law?

trial lawyers.

KurleLaw, LLC. Law is her second

LB: Office management, the mundane tasks

TLC: I wish I had realized that every lawyer I

career, after 15 years working in

that require attention.

met, including my opponents, might someday

healthcare as a respiratory therapist. Kurle spe-

RH: Dealing with court calendar calls and

consider hiring me as an ADR neutral for that

cializes in medical malpractice, nursing home

delays that cost my clients money, added ten-

lawyer's case.

negligence, and catastrophic personal injury

sion and anxiousness.

RH: Specialize in an area. Don't try to run a

claims and brings her considerable medical

MR: The business-side of running a law firm.

general practice.

knowledge and expertise to every case.

NS: Paperwork and accounting.

MR: Learn from others, but be yourself.

TS: Financial stress.

NS: Believe in yourself and study hard;

Aaron Marks is an Atlanta,

RAJ: I do not enjoy handling the administrative

everything else will come eventually.

Georgia, personal injury attorney

side of a law practice.

TS: Be a nurse.

specializing in Non-Emergency

AES: I think it may be too early in my career

RAJ: Take time to get to know your clients at

Medical Transport (NEMT) claims

to have a part I truly do not enjoy, but if I had

the beginning of the case.

throughout the United States.

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Summer 2017
7/13/17 33
7:21 PM

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Verdict - Summer 2017

President’s Message
Don’t Stop Fighting: Overcoming Obstacles Leads to Record Verdict in Camden County
Amazing Things Happen When Women Get Involved!
AAJ Addresses Top Concerns with Congress
Pro Bono Representation: A Bond Forged between a Naval Officer and Trial Lawyer
3 Tips for Defeating Daubert Motions
Common Issues to Stay on Guard in Cases Involving Tortious Security Officers
The Confusing Question of Causation in Criminal Attack Premises Liability Cases
Technology: Notetaking for the Digital Lawyer
New Lawyers’ Corner: 6 Questions for Verdict
Pope Langdale: Community Investments for a Cause
Case Updates: Federal Employees Health Benefits Act of 1959
Workers’ Comp: Standard of Review — “Any Evidence” Rule
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Verdict - Summer 2017 - President’s Message
Verdict - Summer 2017 - Don’t Stop Fighting: Overcoming Obstacles Leads to Record Verdict in Camden County
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 11
Verdict - Summer 2017 - Amazing Things Happen When Women Get Involved!
Verdict - Summer 2017 - AAJ Addresses Top Concerns with Congress
Verdict - Summer 2017 - Pro Bono Representation: A Bond Forged between a Naval Officer and Trial Lawyer
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 15
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 3 Tips for Defeating Daubert Motions
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 17
Verdict - Summer 2017 - Common Issues to Stay on Guard in Cases Involving Tortious Security Officers
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 19
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 20
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 21
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 22
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 23
Verdict - Summer 2017 - The Confusing Question of Causation in Criminal Attack Premises Liability Cases
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 25
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 26
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 27
Verdict - Summer 2017 - Technology: Notetaking for the Digital Lawyer
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 29
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 30
Verdict - Summer 2017 - New Lawyers’ Corner: 6 Questions for Verdict
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 32
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 33
Verdict - Summer 2017 - Pope Langdale: Community Investments for a Cause
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 35
Verdict - Summer 2017 - Case Updates: Federal Employees Health Benefits Act of 1959
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 37
Verdict - Summer 2017 - Workers’ Comp: Standard of Review — “Any Evidence” Rule
Verdict - Summer 2017 - 39
Verdict - Summer 2017 - Thank You, Civil Justice PAC Contributors!
Verdict - Summer 2017 - Welcome New GTLA Members!
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