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Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Verdict - Fall 2014

President’s Message
What’s New at HQ
How We Obtained Justice for One Family and How We Hope Others Will Benefit
Preparing Your Personal Injury Client to Testify
Voir Dire is Scary (This is the Truth)
Opening Statement: A Key Piece to the Jury Trial Puzzle
Direct Examination of Expert Witnesses
New Lawyers' Corner: Professional Liability 101
Thoughts on Closing Argument
Strategies for Jury Charges
Professional Practice Pointers
Five Things Every Practitioner Should Know About Medical Malpractice
Magistrate Court Tips, Tricks and Techniques
There’s An App For That
Case Updates: What’s New?
Workers’ Comp Updates
Welcome New GTLA Members!
Notes: What’s New with GTLA Members
Champion Members
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Verdict - Fall 2014