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> hoW i obtained justice for my clieNt Applying Justice on the road: Cranes, Planes and Trial Boots By ChuCk Clay hat do you do when you get a call about a Vetting is more than just finding a well-respected lawyer in the catastrophic case outside of Georgia? it general area where an incident occurred, or getting a recommen- depends on the circumstances. Let's say dation from a lawyer you trust. the latter is no doubt an important damages are substantial, liability seems consideration; however, if the case goes to trial, and you plan to be clear and you know the subject matter. that actively involved, you need to know your co-counsel on a deeper was precisely the situation i found myself in level. Solicit second opinions. meet with prospective co-counsel nearly two years ago when i was asked to help and their staff in person. Visit their offices. two quick, obvious a friend of a friend . . . in teXAS. the injured man was t.L., a 31 year-old superintendent who suffered points: 1) discuss the anticipated division of labor upfront; and 2) make certain your client is comfortable in all respects. an above-the-knee amputation after a crane collapsed and caused a Find out how prospective co-counsel think about cases. most 150-foot structure to fall and trap him to the ground. Seconds before, importantly, know how experienced and respected they are in the t.L. was standing about 100 feet away from what proved to be a severely venue you collectively feel would be ideal for your case. have they overloaded crane. he played no part in causing this tragedy. tried cases there in the past? do they know the judge? do they my friend called me just days after the incident, while t.L. was still recommend hiring "local, local counsel" for trial or earlier in the in the iCu at the equivalent of Atlanta's Grady hospital. the following case if the best venue is a small town, or for other reasons? Get a 17 months offered unexpected results: t.L. returned to work two weeks flavor for how they feel about experts, mediation, jury consultants, after the incident, the culpable parties blamed each other, and, on may focus groups, etc. Find out how they organize files. Ask whatever 6, 2015, a jury awarded approximately $44,000,000 to t.L. and his family. you need and spend as much time as necessary to gauge whether that verdict was due to incredible clients and a jury who wanted to you will click. bring them justice. Forming a cohesive trial team certainly assisted in the outcome. i gladly share some guidance i received, mistakes made, TrIAL BOOTS and lessons learned in taking cases far from home. i am not suggesting local counsel needs to be your mirror image. it is synergy that is critical. Justin and kurt wore cowboy boots ("trial SELECTION OF LOCAL CO-COUNSEL IS ESSENTIAL boots") to every deposition and every day in court. We had unique kurt Arnold is an exceptional trial lawyer with phenomenal staff. if styles, aesthetically and professionally, but our combination added you happen to be near Angleton, tX, Justin Gilbert is a name to know. diversity, not diversion. i litigated the t.L. case with these gentlemen but i had never heard of Arnold & itkin, Justin Gilbert or even Angleton when my friend called BEING ACTIvELY INvOLvED me about t.L. We spent 17 months together before trial and three weeks WITHOUT BrEAKING THE BANK trying the case. We worked and ate many meals in a modest conference We had 37 depositions in t.L.'s case, a few of which lasted more room at the Best Western in Lake Jackson. thankfully, we all got along than one day. i was present for nearly all of them. initially, i went and worked well together. back and forth to houston on short trips. it not only wasted time and 12 Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

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Powerful Weapons: Public-Private Alliances Between State Attorneys General and Private Lawyers
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Verdict - Fall 2015