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> What's New at HQ New Mentoring Program Focuses on Women role Models BY traCee r. Benzo I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back."1 it is an honor and privilege to bring you greetings as your Women's Caucus Chair. We are excited about our new initiatives this year! With your support, we are launching our new mentoring program "Sisters-In-Law" (SIL). role models inspire us and give us a vision for what is possible. that vision usually leads us to think bigger and fearlessly take on goals that we once thought were impossible. it always seems impossible until it's done!2 Successful women are fully aware of the importance of having someone who recognizes their potential, who cares about their career and who guides them through the twists, turns, and hazards that come with reaching new heights. unfortunately, women have a harder time when it comes to finding a mentor. A 2012 survey showed that 63 percent of women have never had a formal mentor. Why? most women feel uncomfortable asking for mentorship. Women represent 52 percent of higher education students, but we are not asking for the guidance that is vital to our career development!3 our caucus desires to serve the unique needs of our members by fostering deeper relationships. Ladies, we are stronger together. SiL is designed to help us reach our full potential professionally and personally. Let's "lean in." this initiative is for you regardless of your years of practice or if you are a law student. GtLA is committed to your growth and success. if you desire to exchange information to help your Sisters-In-Law manifest their destiny, then we need you! We will pair you with a female lawyer based on your personal needs, whether it is focusing on passing the bar, juggling career and motherhood, building your practice, perfecting your craft or even transitioning to your next phase of life. 8 Georgia Trial Lawyers Association Let us all reach deep so we may move forward together. You may find the application for Sisters-in-Law at Please let me know how i may be of service to you. Please feel free to call me at 404-480-7000 or you may reach me via email at ● Compensation Claimants Lawyers Section of GTLA. Tracee previously served as Co-Chair of the New Lawyers Division Community Service Subcommittee and is now the Chair of the Women's Trial Lawyer Caucus. Tracee can be reached at ABOUT THE AUTHOr FOOTNOTES Tracee R. Benzo is the Founding Partner of benzo Law, where she practices in the area of workers' compensation. Tracee is the immediate Past President of the Georgia Association of black Women Attorneys. She is an active member of the Workers' 1 maya Angelou 2 Nelson mandela 3 trend research: Women As mentors/A Global Study of Business Women and mentoring. Stephanie Neal, Jazmine Boatman, Ph.d., and L inda miller. w w w.dddi Barsh, J. & Lee, Y. (2011). unlocking the Full Potential of Women in the u.S economy. New York, N.Y.: mckinsey & Company. (2011).

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President’s Message
What’s New at HQ
Tips for Selecting and Implementing a New Case Management System
How I Obtained Justice for My Client
What You Need to Know About Mass Torts & Multidistrict Litigation
London Calling: Navigating the Waters When Taking a Deposition Overseas
Ethical and Practical Considerations of Co-Counseling
Avoiding Landmines: Identifying, Locating and Serving the Non-U.S. Corporate Defendant
Powerful Weapons: Public-Private Alliances Between State Attorneys General and Private Lawyers
Multidistrict Litigation: Friend or Foe?
Civil Lawyers Against World Sex Slavery
Getting Out-of-State Evidence: Domesticating a Subpoena
New Lawyers’ Corner: Five Tips for Hanging your Shingle
Case Updates: What’s New?
Workers’ Comp Updates
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Verdict - Fall 2015