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FROM THE PRESIDENT/CEO How Long Is Too Long? Building the Construction Industry's Workforce is an Ongoing, Transformative Process Some of you might remember the old television commercial that closed with the phrase, "Neighbor, how long has it been since you had a big, thick, steaming bowl of Wolf Brand Chili? Well, that's too long!" The point was whether it was one month or the previous night, well, that was just too long. I was reminded recently of that commercial after having a conversation about the ongoing efforts of the Construction Career Collaborative (C3), which is developing a plan to create a sustainable future workforce. For the past six years, the development and growth of C3 has been a key initiative of AGC Houston and other organizations. During that conversation, there was no questioning the efforts of C3, individuals and companies working to re-establish a middle class status for the craftsmen and women in our industry. But just as obvious, was the question that hung in the air during the discussion: "Why is it taking so long to see any real progress?" In other words, if those involved aren't seeing any real progress, they will no longer want to participate. So how long is too long? My answer is however long it takes! JERRY NEVLUD AGC HOUSTON C3 was not created to tweak the workforce shortage. Rather, it has always been about transforming the workforce. From day one, and for every individual that has joined the effort in the capacity of staff, committee member, board member or committed accredited contractor, the collaborative has been about transformation. It was not and never would be one of those "check the box" efforts. There could be no, "well we tried and it just did not work" result. Since its inception six years ago by AGC Houston members, the C3 has gained a great deal of momentum. There is the obvious tangible side-a hired staff, a viable database of owners, construction companies and workers as well as a revenue stream. But even more important is the intangible-the increasing commitment from owners, contractors and specialty contractors to lead the industry and the growing awareness in the community of civic leaders as to what an initiative like C3 can mean to the region. St. Catherine of Siena is attributed as saying, "nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring." If so, she could have been speaking directly to the individuals surrounding C3. With all the starts, stops, redirections and resistance in the past six years, there has been much enduring. And yet, the commitment remains. As the collaborative enters its seventh year, there is no doubt in my mind that it will continue to grow. Why? * Because of the team of leaders willing to commit their strengths to the effort; * Because of the patience of those involved to listen and understand what others are saying; * Because of the people on board willing to encourage and challenge along the way; * Because of an attitude to view the positive possibilities as opposed to framing the negative. Please visit the C3 website,, to learn more about the alliance and contact Executive Director Chuck Gremillion at (713) 843-3719. Together, we can accomplish a lot, if we work each day to close the gap just a little more. So I ask you, neighbor, how long has it been since you took a look at what a sustainable workforce could mean for our industry's future? Well, that's too long! ■ Shannon Giordano: Director, Membership & Events Tamara Hancock: Executive Administrator Amy Mui: Director of Finance Anavell Trevino: Administrative Assistant/ Database Management Brenda Ward: Administrative Assistant/ Building Services Coordinator AGC Houston Staff Jerry Nevlud: President/CEO Ada Lam: Chief Financial Officer Charlene Anthony: Senior Director Construction Futures, Education Catherine Bezman: Senior Director Communications, Marketing Kim Mason: Director of Safety Services Spring 2016 AGC Houston Mission Bringing people together to advance the issues important to the commercial construction industry. 7

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