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Emerge as Commercial Construction Show Their "Houston Strong" Spirit
came together during the devastating
time when Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas
Gulf Coast on Friday, August 25, 2017. With
winds as high as 130 mph, and rain topping
at 51 inches in certain areas, more than
300,000 people were estimated to have
been forced out of their homes. Neighbors,
strangers, first responders and people from
all over the country came to rescue, rebuild
and support the flooded areas days and
weeks after landfall.
Our AGC community did the same in
countless ways, working with local organizations, volunteering to rebuild homes,
schools, churches and providing food and
supplies in many cases. There are stories
of employees risking their lives and working around the clock in shelters-far from
home-just to keep facilities open.
Here are just a few of the companies we
heard from, recounting how their team
members stepped up and exhibited a resilience during this desperate time.
A heartfelt thank you to these Harvey
Heroes who conducted rescues, provided
comfort and started rebuilding lives. Your
actions and those of the many others who
stepped up, shine brightly as a testament
to the many wonderful people who make
up this community.
Chamberlin Roofing &
In the days during and following
Harvey, several Chamberlin Roofing &
Waterproofing employees throughout
the state helped to conduct rescue missions, clean and repair damaged homes,
and raise funds.
In Houston, Amador Hurtado,
Maintenance Superintendent, participated
in search and rescue efforts during and
after the storm. He and his friends used
their own boats, Jet Ski and dump truck
to bring people to safety. John Walker,
SanĀ Antonio General Superintendent in the
Waterproofing and Caulking Department,
volunteered to cover damaged roofs with
tarps on multiple homes in Victoria.

Michael Stover, Austin Roofing Project
Coordinator, helped to clean up a damaged
neighborhood. In Dallas, Artemio Sanchez,
Maintenance Superintendent, opened his
home, offering shelter to multiple families
affected by Harvey.
Senior Project Estimator Tim Rosenberg
and General Superintendent Lane Coston
teamed up with SpawGlass Construction
Corp. to help feed the first responders and
flood victims in Fayette County, La Grange.
Three mobile home parks that housed
225 homes were completely destroyed,
displacing all of the families to a shelter.
Rosenberg, Coston and a crew brought
food, BBQ pits and supplies to feed the
endless lines of people.
SpawGlass Construction Corp.
In addition to the company helping to
feed the La Grange first responders and
hundreds of displaced families, numerous
team members pitched in with recovery
efforts during and after the catastrophic
event. Employees used their boats to rescue stranded home owners, cooked meals,
offered immediate resources to clients
and donated much-needed items to area
shelters and organizations. The company
reported that 110 employees contributed
$19,195 to its relief fund to which SpawGlass
contributed an additional $40,805.
JE Dunn Construction
Like many Houstonians, JE Dunn Construction Co. employees focused on
Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Specifically,
organizing volunteers to clean up employees' flooded homes, volunteering at the
NRG shelter, and designing and selling
"Texas Strong" t-shirts, with all proceeds
directed to hurricane relief efforts. The company also earmarked all of the funds raised
for its annual United Way campaign toward
the Hurricane Harvey relief.
Satterfield & Pontikes
Construction, Inc.
Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc.
set up a "Go Fund Me" account to raise

Jason Brasull, Durotech, Inc., with Ryker, of his
search and rescue, on a jobsite.

funds for employees affected by the flooding. Volunteers also spent time at NRG
stadium helping thousands of displaced
citizens. The company also volunteered
to repair flooding damage at Cypress
Fairbanks Independent School District's
Moore Elementary school.
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
When the flooding receded in the
greater Houston area, numerous school
districts were faced with the grim reality of devastated building structures. To
that end, McCarthy Building Companies
responded to the Houston Independent
School's District Mitchell Elementary
school by pitching in to help restore
the damaged structure. More than 260
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
employees participated in building furniture for Houston Independent School
District's Mitchell Elementary. The school
was completely inundated, losing all of its
furniture and supplies. The employees provided each class with two bookshelves, a
Kallax cube, rug, teaching chair and 70-100
books (totaling more than 2,000 books).
Employees brought in extra books, stuffed
animals and teacher artwork for the classes
as well.
While TDIndustries' Houston office fared
well after Hurricane Harvey's landfall, the
flooding significantly damaged approximately 10 percent of the workforce's homes
and vehicles. Employees from across the
state began mobilizing relief efforts, not


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