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Blake Green with Chamberlin Roofing and
Waterproofing helped to serve barbecue to more
than 225 families in La Grange.

JE Dunn Construction employees volunteered at
NRG Center, which served as a relief center after
Hurricane Harvey.

just for their own, but for their customers
as well.
In Houston, 32 TDIndustries employees worked for five consecutive days
to keep open many city and privatelyowned facilities considered crucial to the
relief efforts and emergency response.
Those buildings included the 911 Call
Center, Police Command Center, and
the George R. Brown Convention Center.
Although the employees were unable to
travel home for days, they stayed safe in
the convention center and in downtown
hotel rooms.
TDIndustries held relief efforts to provide
temporary housing and gather donated supplies from the other Texas locations. Families
with extra rooms or trailers offered beds
and shelter. Within a couple days, offices
in Dallas and Austin were sending pallets
full of first aid supplies, clothing, baby supplies, drinking water, generators, and more.
The Houston office set up a small "shop" for
employees to pick up necessary supplies.

infant to the parents,
and brought closure to
the family.
Superintendent Jason
Murphy walked through
the storm every single
hour on the hour from
his home to the recentlycompleted Katy Legacy
Stadium to verify that the
pumps were working to
keep the site clear. The
stadium site stayed dry
and in the aftermath, it became a major
staging point for first responders from
around the country.
Senior Superintendent John Cook joined
neighbors in a fishing boat to evacuate
residents from flooded subdivisions and

Durotech, Inc.
Several Durotech, Inc. employees braved
treacherous conditions to save lives and
to check on the status of construction
jobs. Bob Richardson, Executive Director
of Project Development, reported the
Superintendent John Brasull, along
with two of his children, waded through
two feet of water in their subdivision and
walked 3.2 miles to his construction project
at Cy-Fair College to ensure that it was safe
and dry. They then trekked 3.2 miles back
home through the rising waters.
Brasull and his specially-trained search
dogs Ryker and Jade, are members of the
Alpha Search and Rescue Team, which regularly supports regional law enforcement
agencies in special operations. Brasull and
Ryker were called in to find a six-monthold baby that had been swept away from
its mother's arms during the storm. They
located the remains and returned the
Spring 2018

Joslin Construction
Joslin Construction reported that a
total of 56 employees were affected by
Hurricane Harvey: 24 lost vehicles and 32
suffered severe damage to their homes
losing all possessions.
CEO, Curt Joslin, called Rick Taylor, Vice
President of Field Operations, to start a
plan of action: "Curt asked me to find out
how our employees fared in the storm
and help anywhere we could," he stated.
The company's superintendents and
foremen organized lists of employees
impacted by the storm and those who
were available to help. They split a list
that included 40 employees and organized work crews to clean out damaged homes.
Taylor recalled: "Immediately, we
contacted our dumpster companies for
assistance and by the fourth day after the
storm, they collected waste and debris
from our employees flooded homes.
Current and former employees across the
state transported resources to Houston
and helped to remove property destroyed
by the floods.

McCarthy Building Companies employees helped
to build bookshelves for classrooms at Mitchell
Elementary, which flooded completely after the storm.

"We saw homes with six feet of water
in them, two feet of mud-piled up on the
bottom floors, fish in pools and, most
impressively, Houstonians determined to
overcome. The hardest part of helping with
the recovery was witnessing people's heartache over pitching unsalvageable family
heirlooms and priceless memorabilia into
dumpsters. The overwhelming personal
loss was a theme that became evident as
you made your way down street after street
helping wherever you could," Tayler stated.
Taylor, Reno Moore, Quality Assurance,
and Rick Roberson, Joslin Construction Vice
President of Business Development, lead
boat rescues, demolished and repaired
homes, and organized donated supplies.
"The best part was watching a community
come together, despite race, religion or
political affiliation," said Taylor.
Gilbane Building Company
In late August and in early September,
Houston employees volunteered on the
south east part of town to assist homeowners whose houses flooded. Gilbane
Hurricane Harvey volunteers helped to
remove flooded debris, remediate and
rebuild, cook meals and collect clothing and other necessities. Roughly 4,600
homes were flooded in Baytown and
the surrounding areas where Gilbane
Building Co. employees donated their time
and hearts.


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