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FROM THE PRESIDENT/CEO Heavy Lifting  No matter how you get your news, the current political discourse at the national level has led many to stop watching, quit reading or just log off. Partisanship, special interests and an outright lack of civil discourse can do that to you. But as part of a representative democracy, it is at times like these that the citizenry needs to stay engaged. Fortunately for the chapter, politics at the state and local level has not reached the rancor of that at the federal level, but the reasons for participating are every bit as important. For the Government Affairs Committee, the first quarter of 2016 has been very active. First of all, many thanks to Mayor Sylvester Turner for joining us at our April Government Affairs Breakfast. A simple thank you doesn't seem like enough. Three and a half months into his first term as mayor, the region was hit by an amount of rainfall that surpassed the 2015 Memorial Day flood by more than 80 billion gallons of water. He and his team did yeoman work in getting folks out of harm's way as well as relocating them as soon as possible. One week later, while there was still a significant amount of flood related work to do, he followed up on his commitment to join us. Despite coming up a just a tad short of our $100,000 annual goal, PAC Call Day 2016 was once again quite successful. Thank you to the 65 PAC contributors for pledging over $90,000 during the February call day and to the individuals who joined us that morning to make calls, including Bill Scott, Bob Fretz, Bob Postma, Debra Norris, James Bryant, John Barnes, Kevin Duesterhoft and Steve Mechler. The use of those funds assisted a significant majority of the AGC Houston and the Texas Building Branch candidates to succeed in their primary races. The chapter also held its first Legislative Advocacy Clay Shoot in February. Despite a round of thunderstorms passing through, more than 100 marksmen (and women) helped raise more than $10,000 in advocacy funds. Different than PAC dollars, this money is earmarked to assist the political process outside of campaign contributions. When the results of the last Strategic Planning session recommended reenergizing the Government Affairs Committee, the idea was to have a group of AGC Houston members doing exactly what they are doing today. If you like being engaged in the political process and want to be part of our industry's voice, drop an email to Tamara Hancock at A good place to start would be by joining AGC members from around the state at Horseshoe Bay, June 12-14, for the annual JERRY NEVLUD AGC HOUSTON Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner; AGC Chairman Bill Scott, III, Linbeck Group, LLC; and Rep. Jim Murphy, District 133. Texas Building Branch Convention. While the convention was taking place at press time, this annual meeting, along with our Legislative Meeting in Austin next Spring, are perfect opportunities to get involved. Viewing the political process from a national perspective can certainly be disheartening to the average citizen. But to the average citizens engaging on issues important on a personal and/or professional level, it is worth looking beyond the headlines. Thank you to everyone who supports those causes for AGC Houston by serving, sponsoring and donating. ■ AGC Houston Staff Jerry Nevlud: President/CEO Kim Mason: Director of Safety Services Ada Lam: Chief Financial Officer Shannon Giordano: Director, Membership & Events Charlene Anthony: Senior Director Construction Futures, Education Catherine Bezman: Senior Director Communications, Marketing Summer 2016 Tamara Hancock: Executive Administrator, Government Affairs, Industry Liaison Amy Mui: Director of Finance Anavell Trevino: Administrative Assistant/ Database Management Brenda Ward: Administrative Assistant/ Building Services Coordinator AGC Houston Mission Bringing people together to advance the issues important to the commercial construction industry. 9

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Successful Workforce Development Practices: An Update on the UpSkill Houston Initiative in the Construction Sector
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Cornerstone - Summer 2016