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Midyear Meeting Recognizes Excellence in Safety AGC HOUSTON MEMBERS GATHERED at the Junior League of Houston on Thursday, July 16, 2015 to hear legendary international racing car driver and automotive sports announcer Derek Daly, and to recognize commercial contractor and subcontractor companies who won safety awards. Director of Safety Services Kim Mason reported on safety issues and new safety initiatives being reviewed by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). In addition, she recognized AGC Houston members Anslow Bryant Construction, Ltd.; Brookstone, LP; SpawGlass Construction Corp.; Keystone Concrete; TAS Commercial Concrete Construction, LLC; and W. S. Bellows Con- struction Corp. for recently signing an OSHA Strategic Partnership. During the safety program, we recognized more than 80 AGC Houston member companies for participating in the Safety Stand-Down event May 5-15, which broke all previous records. More than 12,500 construction workers took part in safety demonstrations on fall protection over the course of two weeks-despite massive rainfall and local flooding issues that affected construction jobsites. Mason also recognized Safety Com-mittee Chair Susan Phillips, Tellepsen, and Co-Chair David Hales, Peterson Beckner Industries, Inc., and encouraged members to attend the monthly Safety Committee meetings. OSHA representatives Mark Briggs and Joann Figueroa made a brief guest appearance and spoke about national and local safety statistics. Congratulations to These Members who Earned Safety Excellence Awards! AGC Houston Safety Director of the Year/ Ray Lambright Safety Excellence Award Kevin Virag, Gilbane Building Company Kevin Virag is the Regional Safety Manager for Gilbane Building Company's Southwest Region, located in Downtown Houston. Virag has been with Gilbane Building Company in a safety capacity for over a decade and was asked to be the Safety Manager in April 2015. In his short time as Regional Safety Manager, Virag has made strides towards promoting a culture of safety at Gilbane Building Company, and enriching current and future projects with a collaborative approach to safety. Prior to his appointment in April, Virag was the Safety Director on six office buildings on the ExxonMobil Campus in The Woodlands. Under the leadership of Kevin and his colleagues, the ExxonMobil Campus has achieved nearly 30 million (30,000,000) safe working hours, with only minimal work incidents. Over his five-year tenure on the project, there have been no single recordable incidents on any of the six office buildings. Due to his continual commitment to the project and his workers, he was recognized by Gilbane and given the opportunity to serve the region in the same capacity. [L-R]: Ray Lambright Award recipient Kevin Virag, Gilbane Building Company; Derek Daly; and Dan Gilbane, Gilbane Building Company. Fall 2015 AGC Houston Specialty Contractor Award Small Contractor Category Allstate Commercial Flooring Since its formation January 2008, Allstate Commercial Flooring has operated with a spotless safety record, for which Charlie Adams, President of the the company stated: "We are proud of our record, but more importantly, we want to have OSHA's aid in keeping our workers safe on the job site. We recently had a safety class for Susan Phillips, Tellepsen, all of the field employees and every- presents Jeff Dickens, Allstate Flooring with the one came away with a new apprecia- Commercial Specialty Contractor Award tion of hidden dangers (in our jobs)". Small Contractor Category. AGC Houston Specialty Contractor Award Large Contractor Category Fast Track Specialties, LP Clinton Forsyth, Safety/Field Operations Manager, serves on numerous trade industry safety committees that include the AGC Houston Safety Committee. According to the company, "Clinton's commitment to safety is endless. Together with management, he has done David Hales, Peterson Beckner an outstanding job to endure Industries, right, presents the Specialty the safety of all Fast Track Contractor Award - Large Contractor Category - to Clinton Forsyth, Fast Track Specialties, LP employees. Our Specialties, LP. employees produce and perform in unique safety videos on specific topics, which are used for educational purposes at companywide safety meetings." The company provides many resources to promote safety for its employees. 19

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Midyear Meeting Recognizes Excellence in Safety
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