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Committed to Safety PROMOTING THE HEALTH AND SAFETY of professionals who work on and off jobsites is one of AGC Houston's core values. Each month, the commercial construction industry members who make up the AGC  Houston Safety Committee meet to discuss vital information regarding new safety standards, jobsite investigations, educational courses and programs, employer citations, employer responsibilities as well as complying with Occupational Health And Safety Administration regulations. Chaired by Susan Phillips, Tellepsen, and David Hales, Peterson Beckner Industries, Inc., the Safety Committee is open to all members interested in promoting the safety and education of the construction industry. In working toward establishing a safer workplace, the Safety Committee taps the extensive knowledge of risk management experts who are well versed in their industry and includes representatives of the OSHA North and South offices. The large and diverse committee is composed of upper management representatives, risk managers, safety directors, attorneys, insurance representatives, machine and equipment representatives and other industry professionals. Some of the committee's key members were instrumental in developing a partnership  agreement with OSHA, which was officially signed September 4, 2014. To date, six AGC Houston member companies have signed a partnership agreement and other members are pending OSHA's approval. "I encourage all interested AGC Houston members to attend these monthly meetings. They are extremely informative and provide a means for all types of companies to discuss health and safety risks that affect their businesses," stated Director of Safety Services, Kim Mason. The Safety Committee meets the last Friday of every month at the AGC Houston office from 7:15 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. For more details, contact Kim Mason at (713) 843-3720. ■ Houston AGC Safety Committee Objectives: * Promote injury and accident prevention through the sharing of knowledge, best practices and lessons learned in construction safety; * Support the commercial construction industry through mentoring of new safety professionals; * Provide support and serve as a resource in the development of comprehensive safety and loss prevention programs; * Provide safety outreach programs with local and state regulatory agencies. Earlier this year, Safety Committee volunteers formed a subcommittee to pinpoint key focus areas that include: * Increasing member involvement in Safety Committee; * Increasing knowledge of regulatory issues impacting commercial construction industry; * Working with industry partners to create path for careers in safety. Building Texas? Rely on iSqFt. With h rea al so ollu uti tion ion ons th that hat del eliiver results, iS SqFt is cco SqFt Sq omm m it ittted d to helping co ons nstr t uc tr ucti tion ti io on n prrofes ess siion onal als s build d succes essf es sful u com ul mpa pani n es es. Let iSqFt provide your solution for: t Findingg more opportunities t Creating more sales t Managing yourr bid process t Perform f ing digital takeoff ffs RELY ON US TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS. CONTACT US TODAY: 800-364-2059 | Fall 2015 1 598650_Helical.indd 27/07/12 10:23 760684_Editorial.indd PM 1 8/7/15 23 12:40 PM

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From the Chairman of the Board, Bill Scott, III
From the President/CEO, Jerry Nevlud
Big Money for Contractors and Other Victories for the Commercial Construction Industry
Best Practices: Look Before You Leap – HR Advice on Knowing the Whole Story
In Memoriam: Remembering AGC Houston Members
Midyear Meeting Recognizes Excellence in Safety
AGC Houston Members Recognized at Texas Building Branch 2015 Convention
Committed to Safety
Past Events
Member News
C3 Hosts Town Hall Meeting for Specialty Contractors
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Cornerstone - Fall 2015