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FROM THE PRESIDENT/CEO Doing Outstanding Things JERRY NEVLUD AGC HOUSTON I write this column after having recently returned from the Texas Building Branch (TBB) Convention in Lake Tahoe, Calif. One of the things that struck me at the convention is how fortunate the Texas AGC chapters are to have so many outstanding people committed to bettering our industry. These are people willing to do the hard work associated with prepping, drafting and passing (or killing) legislation, as well as staying close to the daily flow of the governing process. Thank you to the TBB gang for putting on a great convention. Mike Chatron, Corbin Van Arsdale, Wade Long and Zach Bucheist did a great job of pulling it all together. Thanks to their great effort during the 84th Legislation Session- especially for the leading role in passing tuition revenue bonds (TRBs) in the amount of $3.1 billion. Thank you to AGC of America President Chuck Greco, Linbeck Group, LLC, who joined his fellow Texans to give an update on the initiatives of the national organization. While the focus of a TBB convention are state laws and regulatory issues, it's good to know that the national AGC is AGC Houston Staff Jerry Nevlud: President/CEO Ada Lam: Chief Financial Officer Charlene Anthony: Senior Director Construction Futures, Education, Meetings Catherine Bezman: Senior Director Communications, Marketing Fall 2015 just as effective in keeping an eye on the federal government. Thank you to Reps. Paul Workman and John Cyrier for the yeoman work they do to represent our industry in the Texas  House of Representatives. To have two general contractors in the House looking out for our best interest is truly great. However, both will have an opponent in the primaries next March. The primaries in Texas are the election, for the most part. We need to keep them in the House; they need and  deserve our support. Thank you to a couple of the members of the TBB Legal Affairs Committee who presented at the convention as well: Robert Bass (Winstead) addressed the collaborative work of various industry groups on updating the Texas Lien Laws. Suffice it to say, the enormity of the lien issue (and the number of interest groups involved) will require much more work on behalf of all participants. Curt Martin (Ford Nassen & Baldwin) presented an overview of where we are on "Construction Defects and the Right to Cure." Curt's presentation included gathering ideas and thoughts to begin the drafting of legislation to address defects and the "right to cure." With this being a key issue for the 2017 session, a rough draft should be ready for review by the 2016 convention. Speaking of the 2016 convention, it will once again relocate to Texas. It will be held June 12-15 at the Horseshoe Bay Resort near Marble Falls. With the close proximity, I hope you will attend. It has been said, "Whether I am a member or not, I get the benefits of the advocacy work of an association." I guess in some ways that is true. But the statement only makes the participation of those who do engage even more -important. So, thank you to each and every one who gives time to the cause of governance: those willing to write that personal Political Action Committee check, support  our annual advocacy fund-raiser, attend our legislative day or support the annual c- onvention. You really do make a difference in making our industry better. Outstanding people doing outstanding things. ■ Kim Mason: Director of Safety Services Brenda Ward: Building Services Coordinator Shannon Giordano: Director Marketing, Events Anavell Trevino: Administrative Assistant Amy Collins: Executive Assistant Amy Mui: Director of Finance AGC Houston Mission Bringing people together to advance the issues important to the commercial construction industry. 9

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