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LEADERSHIP MATTERS HR 2016: Adjusting to the New Reality BY CHRIS MCNELLY, MBA, CHRP HRIA's 2016 Conference (April 20-21) theme is "Navigating Booms and Busts", which Albertans are all too familiar with. It's the preeminent event as influential HR practitioners from across Alberta converge in Calgary to develop competencies, network with peers and discuss how to navigate through Alberta's economic uncertainty. This is your opportunity to become a trailblazer for the HR profession by learning about the latest HR trends from industry experts and the role we play in guiding business through economic downturns and upswings. For many Albertans, 2015 was a turbulent year as we witnessed the political and economic landscape substantially change. By the end of 2015, Albertans ended the PC's 44-year reign by electing the NDP led by Premier Rachel Notley, and Canadians elected a new Liberal majority government with Justin Trudeau as our new Prime Minister. Alberta's energy sector, which accounts for approximately 25% of Alberta's GDP, took a major hit with oil trading at a 10-year low of $35/barrel. The unemployment rate ended at a five-year high of 7% as the number of unemployed increased by over 65,000, with more group layoffs than in the previous two years combined. The final blow came when U.S. bond rating giant Standard and Poor downgraded Alberta's credit rating over concerns of rising debt burden and unpredictable economic growth prospects. "It's always difficult to forecast what's going to happen next, but going into 2016 it's especially difficult simply because there are so many wild variables all around the global economy," said Todd Hirsch, Chief Economist with ATB Financial. While the proverbial roller coaster will continue throughout 2016, the new reality of doing business in Alberta will set in as we tackle the opposing forces of rising population and sluggish economic growth. The economic contraction in Alberta will be prolonged and will force businesses to innovate and find efficiencies. The provincial government will continue to set policy that will put pressure on the energy sector to invest more in wind, solar and geothermal power as a means to both diversify the economy and encourage renewable energy. This new reality means that organizations must shift their focus to HR to ensure employment policies and practices are aligned. Accordingly, HR practitioners must be prepared to meet and exceed these expectations and ensure they are able to develop and execute new strategies. At HRIA's 2016 Conference, you will network with peers by immersing yourself with Alberta's HR and business leaders. You will hear about the similar challenges that exist across our HR community, learn what worked in other organizations and find solutions to the challenges you and your organization face. You will also gain insight into new innovative ways of thinking about workplace solutions. Our tradeshow comprises industry experts who can provide products and services to help solve business problems and keep you competitive in today's business environment. Last year, 80% of attendees said that exhibitor knowledge and interactions were good or excellent. Our speakers are strategists, practitioners, executives and proven business leaders. We are committed to resourcing and finding the best in the industry who will share their knowledge on best practices and HR trends. You will hear keynotes from three topranked speakers: Ryan Estis, Cheryl Cran and Todd Hirsch. Ryan Estis prepares leaders to thrive in today's increasingly connected, competitive business environment. Ryan challenges conventional leadership practices and explores progressive techniques and technology that pace with the evolving needs of today's knowledge worker. Ryan delivers new ideas, information and actionable insights that leaders can leverage immediately to drive productivity and performance. Cheryl Cran helps leaders and their teams to build future workplaces. Her research into the future of work, technology, innovation and generational impact provides data and strategies to help drive transformation in a fast paced world. Cran is the author of six books, including her most recently released The Art of Change Leadership - Driving Transformation in a Fast Paced World. Todd Hirsch is one of Canada's most sought after economic speakers with over two decades of experience as an economist, professor and commentator. Hirsch demystifies wealth and the economy and answer vital questions such as: What's the state of Canada's economy? How does it impact us individually? What's in store for the future? Invest in yourself by building competencies and empower yourself by expanding your leadership network at the HRIA 2016 Conference in Calgary on April 20-21, 2016 ( O HUMAN CAPITAL | SPRING 2016 | 7

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