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LEADERSHIP MATTERS Moving Forward as ONE BY ALY BANDALI,CHRP NOT QUITE TWO YEARS ago, the decision was made to refocus our efforts on aligning as One Association. Seeing the success of our collaboration partnership, we seized the opportunity to take it beyond a partnership to a full out merger. As the first to assume the role of Chair for this new unified organization, I know that the true impact of the work that has been done and what will be remembered will be what we accomplish in this upcoming year. Expectations will be high, and we aim to deliver. Becoming one association has been a journey spanning decades, and many past leaders have put in countless hours towards advancing the human resources profession. Some believed their vision was ambitious and there is great satisfaction to see this vision realized. I, along with our Board, am honoured to take on this leadership role and see this initiative cross the fi nish line successfully. But, we’re also reminded, in an association such as ours, our work is always unfinished. As we continue to evolve our organization, the stakes change and we will need to continuously adapt to meet the needs of all our stakeholders. Becoming one unified organization is key to the next steps in our long-term strategy: to elevate the credibility of the HR profession. We are raising the stakes for our own board through the implementation of policy governance, and we will be raising the stakes for our membership in the coming year as we begin to prepare for self-regulation of the HR profession. In the pursuit of excellence, we can’t stand still; the finish line is a moving target. Aly Bandali, CHRP Chair, HRIA Board of Directors Is your compensation on par? Comprehensive HR Salary Report now available. Members - $159 / Non-Members - $259 (Price does not include Shipping or GST) Order yours today! Limited Quantities Available 638768_Editorial.indd 1 HUMAN CAPITAL O SUMMER 2013 O 7 22/05/13 8:53 PM

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The Emergence of HR Shared Services
The Future of HR Shared Services
Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy
How Google is Using People Analytics to Completely Reinvent HR
CHRP Credibility on the Rise
Looking to the Future: What Will Make HR Successful?
Games People Play: Shaping a Strategic Workforce
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HUMAN Capital - Summer 2013