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COVER FEATURE Seven Best Practices to Improve Candidate Care Through the Recruitment Process Are you a Chief Recruitment Officer or a Chief Rejection Officer? BY ABIGAIL SCOTT & SANDY SELIGA "I still remember it like it was yesterday, what an awful feeling. I waited for calls - they never came. I spent all of that time preparing - for what? Had I said the right things? Was I good enough? I invested so much - all for nothing! I still don't shop there, neither do my friends or family. If had existed back then, no one would!" Recruitment is primarily about rejecting your current and future customers. This may seem like an unconventional perspective but as the number of job seekers increases, this statement becomes pertinent. An increase in candidates is a doubleedged sword. Yes, there are more candidates to choose from, but there are also more candidates to manage through your recruitment process. If you don't have a solid recruitment and rejection process, your candidate care will suffer. Candidates will be left wondering where they stand and where they went wrong. Eventually, the message about how you treat candidates will reach the market and this will 10 | significantly impact the future success of your business. Why is the number of job seekers on the rise? The volume of job seekers in the market is proportional to unemployment rates, population size, geographic boundaries and attrition rates. Why is this relevant to Alberta? * The unemployment rate in Alberta has increased from 4.4 per cent to 5.3 per cent in the last 12 months (Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, 2015); * Alberta's population is due to hit 4.2 million by July 2015 adding 100,000 more people (roughly the size of Red Deer) in one year. Projections of population size for 2041 are over 6.2 million (Alberta Treasury Board & Finance, 2014); * Telecommuting is on the rise. Admittedly not all work can be done remotely. We have yet to see oil be extracted or surgeons operate remotely, but geographic boundaries are being removed for work, which is increasing the talent pool;

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Seven Best Practices to Improve Candidate Care Through the Recruitment Process
Diversity and Inclusiveness in Today’s Workplace
Navigating the Current Job Market: Students, Professionals and Employers
The Meaning of Turnover
Changes in the TFW and LMIA Process
The Changing Face of Training and Development
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HUMAN Capital - Summer 2015