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FEATURE grow Your Hr Career by Helping to grow Your organization Growing your career in Hr now means growing your career in understanding the business of your organization bY SANDI CArDIllo, QueeN'S IrC FACIlITATor "'s frustrating," said Jennifer, taking another bite of her kale and apple salad. "He drops these articles in my inbox as part of our new mentoring agreement. I'm not sure how to think about it." "What is it this time?" Nicole, Jennifer's friend in marketing communications, replied. "I think it's cool you have a mentor. Not only do you get to assist your VP in 14 | running the talent management program for the company, you've been chosen for the 'rising Stars' program." "I know," said Jennifer. "It's just frustrating to get articles about the future of Hr and how senior leaders don't always value what we do in an organization. I love Hr. I love having a degree in Hr. I worked hard for my credentials. I just don't get it." "Why don't you ask him?" Nicole retorted, as she dashed off to her appointment with the company webmaster. "He's got his reasons. Ask him." In my teaching and consulting practice, Hr professionals often recount stories like this. Someone, somewhere, makes a disparaging remark about Hr as a "dead end", "non-value add" or "being the department that just gets in the way."

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Leadership Matters
Tech Talk
Career Crossroads – Which Path Should I Follow?
Grow Your HR Career by Helping to Grow Your Organization
Individual Career Pathing: Taking Charge of Your Own Career Path
Career Pathing Case Study: CompuCom Performance Support and Development Strategy
Encore Careers
When Organizations Need Career Pathing Options
HR’s Future Career Path
Legal Source
Policy Corner
Suppliers Guide
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HUMAN Capital - Summer 2016