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FEATURE Training versus Competency in the Demonstration of Due Diligence BY SHELDON REDPATH, CSP, CRSP WITH WORKPLACE HEALTH, SAFETY and environmental prosecutions continuing to rise, as well as courts assigning higher and higher penalties, employers should be asking what they can do to ensure they are being duly diligent in understanding and applying the legislative requirements in their respective jurisdictions. Many employers simply assume that the personnel or “employer representatives” they assign to oversee operational activities are able to provide the necessary guidance, leadership and legislative understanding to ensure a due diligence defense should the need arise. This assumption could be perceived as unrealistic, since regulatory requirements and their application are not currently a staple in professional designation requirements or postsecondary training used for health and safety professional development. Additionally, the workforce-training courses that most personnel are required to take are designed for individuals working within a structured health and safety system and are not focused on the implementation, development and maintenance of such a system designed to ensure due diligence. Until recently, Human Resources professionals have had limited ways to verify competence related to regulatory understanding, unlike common trades such as electrical, carpentry or welding for which an employer could simply check a person’s trade certification to verify competence. The apprenticeship programs established throughout Canada and other Commonwealth nations provide the necessary training and competence verification for employers to be 20 O

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Leadership Matters
Economic Pulse
Shared Responsibilities: Human Resources Management and Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Processes
HR & HSEQ Together: Planning for a State of Emergency
Training versus Competency in the Demonstration of Due Diligence
Synergies between the Human Resources and the Health, Safety, & Environment Departments
Mobilizing HR and HSEQ for Positive Organizational Change in Health, Wellness and Productivity
HR & HSEQ: The Team Approach to Building Effective Supervisory Leadership Skills
HR LegalEase
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Human Capital - Fall 2013