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FEATURE Mobilizing HR and HSEQ for Positive Organizational Change in Health, Wellness and Productivity BY ELIZABETH RANKIN What Would You Do? Alice is a valued employee. She puts a lot into her job, takes pride in her work, and works overtime when needed to meet her deliverables. However, life is starting to take its toll on Alice. She is taking care of her own children and a sick aging parent. She commutes more than 30 minutes to work and it takes her double that time to get home, exhausted. She is having marital issues, and she is worried about the fi nances. She is becoming irritable. She has gained weight. To make matters worse, Alice has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. She is not managing well and is beginning to get depressed. Her mind is distracted and she is making mistakes in her work. Alice’s manager has noticed deterioration in the quality of her work and a change in her behaviour. Yet Alice plugs on, until one day she does not show up for work. Alice, her supervisor has been informed, has suffered a heart attack, and will be off work for months. Sadly, situations like this are not all that uncommon in our workplaces and it is time to take positive action to protect the health and wellness of our employees and help to prevent situations such as this from 26 O

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Leadership Matters
Economic Pulse
Shared Responsibilities: Human Resources Management and Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Processes
HR & HSEQ Together: Planning for a State of Emergency
Training versus Competency in the Demonstration of Due Diligence
Synergies between the Human Resources and the Health, Safety, & Environment Departments
Mobilizing HR and HSEQ for Positive Organizational Change in Health, Wellness and Productivity
HR & HSEQ: The Team Approach to Building Effective Supervisory Leadership Skills
HR LegalEase
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Human Capital - Fall 2013