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FEATURE HR & HSEQ: The Team Approach to Building Effective Supervisory Leadership Skills BY DARCY D. BROWN IN TODAY’S WORKPLACE, HUMAN Resources (HR) and Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) departments are required to work closely together. One area requiring close collaboration between the two departments is effective supervisor training. A company that develops a supervisor-training program and applies a work plan will deliver a convincing message about the importance of certain skills, abilities, and behaviours. Such an organization recognizes that building intellectual capital in its front line supervisor group is critical to achieving sustained success and improving retention.1 This can be best achieved when HR and HSEQ work cohesively together using a team approach. Supervisor leadership strategies and skills are not optional for organizations that are serious about sustained performance; they are essential for gaining sharper focus on strategic and systematic selection and development of employees.2 HR and HSEQ personnel who are able to provide leadership skills such as planning, people and performance management, problem solving, and effective communications exhibit standards of success that will be able to support an organization’s vision, mission, strategies and goals as well as add significant customer and business value. It is critical that HR and HSEQ overlap in the areas of employee participation and engagement in order to promote a positive workplace culture. HR and HSEQ training is often the first chance for a new employee to gain an impression of what the company might represent. Whether this happens at an interview, orientation, or in-house training session, training can be an important time to inform the new employee of your company culture and “how things are done around here.” In order to best facilitate worker participation and engagement for current employees, successful organizations empower supervisors to recognize, appreciate, and utilize the competencies and aptitudes of their employees. Through clear communication, guidance, and positive recognition, supervisors are able to align workplace efforts towards the common purpose of achieving company goals. Supervisors fi rst need to have a clear understanding of the expectations and the role each individual will have in achieving the desired outcomes. HR and HSEQ expectations lay the framework and vision in order to achieve the expected results.3 From a safety perspective, HSEQ departments require supervisors to be competent, able to show leadership, provide oversight and guidance at the worksite, and conduct themselves in a professional manner. Their actions need to be in alignment with legislation, industry standards, company rules, and customer expectations. HR also expects top performers to reflect honesty, integrity, and have a positive attitude to earn respect and motivate excellence in others. Seamless HR and HSEQ communications are essential between both departments at both corporate headquarters and field operations so that supervisors are able to transfer important information and confirm understanding among workers. A key role of a supervisor is to provide instruction: coach by asking questions to stimulate learning and provide performance feedback to enhance operational results. Effective supervisors ask for and encourage worker input and ideas to best facilitate results.4 As mentioned previously, good planning is an important part of a supervisor-training program.5 The workplan involves ensuring that supervisors can successfully orientate HUMAN CAPITAL O FALL 2013 O 31

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Leadership Matters
Economic Pulse
Shared Responsibilities: Human Resources Management and Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Processes
HR & HSEQ Together: Planning for a State of Emergency
Training versus Competency in the Demonstration of Due Diligence
Synergies between the Human Resources and the Health, Safety, & Environment Departments
Mobilizing HR and HSEQ for Positive Organizational Change in Health, Wellness and Productivity
HR & HSEQ: The Team Approach to Building Effective Supervisory Leadership Skills
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