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teCHtaLK set in stone: the Pdf file bY aDam CzarNeCKI, ba, CHrP The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a standard file format for forms in the health-care industry. From benefit plan options to name changes to booklets, if you are dealing with benefits you are dealing and managing PDF files. The PDF started off as a dream tool for the paperless society in 1993. The idea was to be able to display any document on any operating system that could be easily spread throughout the office. both the strength and weakness of the PDF is usually once it's created, it's set in stone and viewable only. The PDF has succeeded in making it as an office standard but we are far from a paperless society due to the fact we are unable to fill out forms online and have to resort in printing them out in order to complete them. usually we receive a PDF, print it, fill it out, scan it (back to a PDF) and forward it on to its ultimate destination. You can purchase PDF software to create, fill, edit and manipulate PDFs. They can be pricey and some companies only allow a few individuals to have access to those programs. If you are tired of printing, filling out and scanning files, here are a few tools that should make managing your PDF files easier and without installing any software, all done from your Internet browser. a great feature of is that you can easily sign and save any document, create and import signatures from your phone or send documents to others to be signed. another favorite site of mine, although the site's main features are to convert mS office files to PDFs and PDFs to mS office files it has two very useful features. The first is CompressPDF, which allows you to take large files of 10-20 mb and turn them to 2-3 mb, a typical application is for high quality flyers, brochures and the like to post on your company websites to reduce storage size. The other is unlockPDF, if you have a locked PDF with weak encryption or a password, will unlock it for you. my disclaimer here is, this should only be used on PDF files that you have created or should have access to and forgotten the password for. CutePdf writer: Finally, there is no native way to save your outlook emails to PDF. a great program is CutePDF Writer at This will allow you to "Print" your emails as a PDF. once installed it becomes one of your printers and if you have a program that does not have the option to save a file in a PDF form, then you can simply "print" the form and save it to your computer as a PDF. (a Chrome Web Store app as well): With this, you are able to securely view, edit and sign PDFs. Fill forms, merge documents, reorder pages and the best part is, it's 100% free. Company PDF forms were ultimately created so that an individual could not easily manipulate the company forms but DocHub. com, and give you back the ability to truly be a paperless office without the heavy cost of licenses and managing of software. o With the editor Tools you can Insert Text, Draw, Highlight, Comment, erase, Sign, Insert Images and stamps. It has a built in Page management system to merge documents, reorder pages, append pages, rotate and delete pages. You can easily with a drag and drop feature upload a file and then fill out unique copy of it as many times as you need or send copies of it to multiple people for signing or filling. adam Czarnecki, ba, CHrP, is a member of the Senior management Team of a heavy duty truck dealership group in alberta where he is responsible for Hr, H&S and IT. He is an HrIa board member, a Hr Instructor at the university of Calgary and mount royal university. He can be reached at 8 |

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Leadership Matters
Tech Talk
Building for Success at Alberta Health Services
Fostering Collaboration and Consultation in Developing AHS’s People Strategy
AHS HR Service Delivery Model
Transforming HR in AHS
Implementing Organizational Change Adoption
Leadership Development and the LEA DS in a Caring Environment Capabilities Framework
Blurred Lines: Human Resources and Health-Care Information
Curbing Absenteeism
HR’s Role in Creating and Maintaining a Psychologically Safe Work Environment
HR’s Response in an Emergency Natural Disaster
Legal Source
Policy Corner
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HUMAN Capital - Fall 2015