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aRtICLE The Enemy Hiring Managers Rank as HR's Top Talent Recruitment Challenge By iAn CAmeRon YOu dOn'T exPecT The person in the office down the hall to be your biggest business challenge, but when we asked nearly 600 HR professionals from around the globe to tell us their biggest challenge in talent recruitment, that's exactly where they pointed their fingers. On the surface, "finding qualified candidates" and "finding the right technical skills" came in as the number one and two challenges on the list. But when you dig deeper, numbers three, five and eight all relate to hiring manager involvement in the recruitment process. As part of the 2014 McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey, we asked 570 HR professionals to tell us their three biggest talent-recruitment challenges. Getting hiring managers to participate in the recruiting process came back as number one when we looked into the responses. It turns out, when combined, those three responses related to hiring managers take the number one spot: * Getting hiring managers to make time for interviews 33% * Getting agreement from hiring managers and stakeholders 20% Here are the results of that question: Greatest Challenge in Talent Recruitment Respondents Finding qualified candidates 53% Finding the right technical skills 41% Getting hiring managers to make time for interviews 33% Lack of time 21% Gaining agreement from the hiring managers & stakeholders 20% Getting responses to my job postings 19% Keeping on top of market trends and best practices in recruiting 15% Making a decision on a candidate 15% Reference checking 14% Managing the time spent reviewing resumes 14% 16 O Wi * Making a decision on a candidate 15% * Total 68% Together, 68 per cent of HR professionals identified these as top challenges, compared to 53 per cent for qualified candidates and 41 per cent for technical skills. With HR focused on bringing the right talent into their organizations, the single biggest obstacle is not skills shortages, candidate supply or qualifications; it's their internal business partners. This challenge seems to be having a detrimental effect on recruiting efforts. Respondents told us that 10 per cent of new hires don't complete their first year. They also said it's at the nine-month mark that employees begin to feel disenchanted with their new role. Think about that for a moment: three months before their first annual review and they're already losing interest. Finding the right technical skills was the number two response on the list of challenges and, for many industries, those special skills are critical. But when we asked if skills were the cause when a new hire didn't work out, nearly two-thirds (61 per cent) said no, skills were not the problem. That can make you question whether a focus on finding skills is providing a return, but it also leads us to ask, "Why are they leaving?" Unfortunately, we didn't ask that specific question; however, if you consider the commonly held belief that two-thirds of people quit their boss and not their job or company, evidence starts to build.

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