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BY THE NUMBERS A S N A P S H OT O F E X T E R N A L FAC TO R S I M PAC T I N G YO U R B U S I N E S S Canadian Stats PAYROLL EMPLOYMENT, EARNINGS AND HOURS Average weekly earnings of non-farm payroll employees $928 in November 2013 0.9% Up 2.5% year-over-year Up from the previous month Source: University of Nebraska Lincoln , Th National Drought Mitigation Center raska Lincoln, The ka oln, Euro Area Unemployment Euro Area House Prices 12% in December 2013 11.9% in December 2012 (Q3 2012 - Q3 2013) LABOUR FORCE 29,000in Employment rose by January 2014 Unemployment rate declined 0.2 percentage points to 7% Source: Statistics Canada 1.3% Down Source: Eurostat Source: Eurostat Euro Area Passenger Cars 483 cars per 1,000 habitants Europe produced 23.2% of the world's passenger cars in 2012. Source: European Automobile Manufacturers Association Gen Y Auto Sales 59% of young people expect to be driving a vehicle with an alternative powertrain (such as a hydrogen fuel cell or an electric hybrid engine) within the next five years. U.S. Job Figures CONSUMER PRICE INDEX +0.1% in January 2014 UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 6.6% in January 2014 AVERAGE HOURLY EARNINGS +$0.05 in January 2014 Source: United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Source: Deloitte survey of more than 23,000 19-to-36-year-olds SPRING 2014 | CAR WASH MAGAZINE | WWW.CARWASH.ORG | 13 http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Car Wash - Spring 2014

Letter From the ICA
Meet the Board
By the Numbers
Overheard Online
Look Out! Self-Driving Cars Heading Your Way
On the Road, but Still Online
Finding Your Way Through the Mobile Landscape
Take a Tour
Stay Ahead of the Curve
Car Wash Industry Celebrates Centennial Milestone
ICA 2013 Annual Report
Getting to the Point of Biometrics
Fighting for Innovation
Take It From Tech: Entrepreneurial Lessons Courtesy of Google
You Don’t Have to Fail
100 Years
The Innovator’s DNA
Emerging Russian Car Wash Industry Faces Challenges
Rise to the Top
Does a Company Really Need to Innovate?
Watersavers Program Reaches Out During Drought
Blast From the Past
Download It!
Marketing Minute
Ask Champ
Index of Advertisers
Focus on the Member

Car Wash - Spring 2014