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ON THE CONNECTED CARS PROVIDE DRIVERS WITH ACCESS TO UNLIMITED INFORMATION AND BUSINESSES WITH NEW WAYS TO REACH CUSTOMERS BY SHERYL JACKSON WANT TO KNOW how to find the closest car wash with the best price and the shortest wait time? Ask your car. You may not get an answer today, but technology exists that enable humanmachine interface to make a busy day filled with appointments and chores easier to manage and safer to maneuver - and it can all be integrated into your car, creating the "connected car." As consumers look for ways to better manage time and money, small businesses can tap into the technology to improve customer experience and attract new customers. There are two types of connected-car technology, pointed out Dr. Peter Frise, chief executive officer and scientific director of AUTO21, Canada's automotive research program. "Driver- assist technology is invisible to the driver but supports safety functions. An example is active cruise control that sets and maintains specific distances between 26 WWW.CARWASH.ORG | cars to create a safety perimeter," he explained. Another example is technology that can sense a car suddenly stopping ahead or turning into the driver's lane. There are servicing issues for cars with safety functions like these. "Functions that rely on software also require software updates," he explained. Determining the best way to provide those updates and ensuring car owners keep software updated is important for the safety features people will come to rely upon, he added. The second type of technology falls into the "infotainment" category, Frise said. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have been included in cars for years, but new technology integrates GPS features with real-time information that can provide more than the shortest route to a destination. Communication with traffic management systems not only provides a route but takes traffic, dangerous driving conditions and road closures into account. Vehicle-to-infrastructure communications over a wireless network along with vehicle-to-vehicle communications would reduce vehicle crashes by 81 percent and reduce traffic backups, according to the research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. YOUR VIRTUAL ASSISTANT ON THE ROAD "You can already dial a telephone or select music through voice-activated features, but more complex technology will enable actual interaction, which allows drivers to keep their hands, feet and eyes focused on driving," Frise said. CAR WASH MAGAZINE | SPRING 2014 http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

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Look Out! Self-Driving Cars Heading Your Way
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Stay Ahead of the Curve
Car Wash Industry Celebrates Centennial Milestone
ICA 2013 Annual Report
Getting to the Point of Biometrics
Fighting for Innovation
Take It From Tech: Entrepreneurial Lessons Courtesy of Google
You Don’t Have to Fail
100 Years
The Innovator’s DNA
Emerging Russian Car Wash Industry Faces Challenges
Rise to the Top
Does a Company Really Need to Innovate?
Watersavers Program Reaches Out During Drought
Blast From the Past
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Car Wash - Spring 2014