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Getting to the Point of THE PAYMENT OF THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR FINGERPRINT BY SANDY SMITH THE RAPID CITY EXPERIMENT WHILE MOST PEOPLE pay for coffee by pulling out the wallet, swiping a card and entering a few numbers, that's not how it's done in Rapid City, S.D. At a local coffee shop and on the campus of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, a caffeine fix is just a finger swipe away. Biometric payments - using fingerprints, voice or facial recognition technology to verify identity - are still in the earliest phases. But if Alan Maas, president of Nexus Smart Pay, has anything to do with it, cash will be out in Rapid City - and eventually the world. "We believe this could turn out to be the only way that you pay for stuff," Maas said. "It offers the most secure form of one-to-one authentication out there." Maas and his company are at the forefront of a movement that has seen its stops and start through the years. Some may remember Pay by Touch, a company that came onto the scene in 2007, signed up a slew of participants (including car washes) to allow biometric payments, and then crashed spectacularly. But biometric payments are making another attempt, pushed by Apple's inclusion of a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5, though currently it only unlocks the phone and allows purchase at Apple and iTunes stores. And the continual hacking of large retailers' computer systems - where credit card data, personal identification numbers (PINs) and passwords are contained - is driving the need for a more secure way of verifying identity. "It's going to be everywhere," said Matthew Silverstone, CEO of the London-based facial and voice recognition software Facebanx. "Passwords are a 40-year old technology. Every single person's online password has been hacked. It may not have been exploited yet, but someone has the details." Granted, online payments may be what propel biometrics initially. But it could just as easily become the latest version of a debit card or near-field communication (NFC) payment system. While each system works differently - a complicating factor that has slowed the adoption of biometrics to date - the general principle is that some form of disbursement is tied into a biometric identifier. Then, when a person proves their identity biometrically, money is deducted from the banking account to pay for the purchase. In Rapid City, those who wish to participate visit a local bank to set up the identification - though they may use any method of payment, including accounts at other banks. "It's one physical face-to-face encounter, and after that, all you need is your finger," Maas said. In addition to the coffee shop and locations on the college campus, the payment system is currently accepted at a local hookah bar, something akin to a smoking lounge. Last summer, it was accepted as a payment for concessions at the weekly music festival there. That latter use provides another potential benefit: The biometric payment system also could have provided proof of legal drinking age if desired. While Nexus Smart Pay currently is used in retail settings, a USB device can tie into a computer for online verification. Maas says Nexus is talking to a college about using it to verify attendance in online learning courses. A FEW STEPS AHEAD Around the world, biometrics is being used in creative ways. In India, it's used in government welfare benefits programs, which had been rife with corruption prior to the new verification. In Europe, Silverstone said, facial recognition is used as a biometric passport allowing those who input their faces into a database to breeze through security checkpoints. The most promising application is in fraud prevention online and in mobile payments, he believes. "If you ask financial institutions what the biggest problem is with mobile and Internet payments, it is, 'How do you actually Continued on page 65 62 WWW.CARWASH.ORG | CAR WASH MAGAZINE | SPRING 2014 http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

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