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dna THE INNOVATOR'S WHAT MAKES SOMEONE AN INNOVATOR? Is an innovator born or made? That question prompted authors Hal Gregersen, Clayton Christensen and Jeff Dyer to take on an eight- year study, interviewing hundreds of remarkable CEOs and inventors about their innovation processes. The fascinating finds are published in their book, The Innovator's DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators. We spoke with Gregersen, professor of innovation at business graduate school INSEAD, to get his take on how to inspire innovation within your company. Here's our conversation: CAR WASH Magazine: In the book, you cite five discovery skills used by innovative leaders. How did you narrow the list to these five skills? What makes these five skills so crucial to innovation? Hal Gregersen: The five skills were generated from a research project that Clayton Christensen, Jeff Dyer and I engaged in more than 10 years ago. We essentially identified disrupted innovators - people who had started businesses that had changed entire industries or created new markets. We interviewed them and asked them what they were doing when they got the initial idea for "X" company. We talked with people like Jeff Bezos at Amazon, Pierre Omidyar who founded eBay, Marc Benioff who founded salesforce. com, as well as some smaller firm owners. After we interviewed 100 or more of these people, we realized that there are definite patterns and actions these people were taking to generate ideas that actually created value. That's where the original five skills came from - noticing these patterns of action. Since then, we've created online assessments that look at these five skills. We've collected data from roughly 8,000 professionals, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, etc. The stories within those data sets is that anybody, famous or not so famous, if they simply engage these skills frequently in their everyday work and life, will up their probability or chances that they will get, not only new ideas, but ones that create value. THE FIVE DISCOVERY SKILLS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Innovator's DNA lists five skills that distinguish innovative leaders from the rest of the pack: Questioning: Posing queries that challenge common wisdom. Observing: Scrutinizing the behavior of customers, suppliers and competitors to identify new ways of doing things. Networking: Meeting people with different ideas and perspectives. Experimenting: Constructing interactive experiences and provoking unorthodox responses to see what insights emerge. Associating: Drawing connections between questions, problems or ideas from unrelated fields. SPRING 2014 | CAR WASH MAGAZINE | WWW.CARWASH.ORG | 81 http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

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