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NEWEST DESIG INCORPORATE L FROM RETAILER YOUR BUILDING IS THE MOST OBVIOUS SYMBOL OF YOUR BRAND - DOES IT REFLECT YOUR SERVICE? BY SHERYL S. JACKSON WITH CAR WASH owners focusing on professional, modern appearances and attractive site development, a busy street with coffee shops, restaurants and retail stores is also likely to have a car wash in its midst. A combination of reasons accounts for both the public's perception of car wash businesses and car wash owners' focus on new approaches to providing their service. "The cost of labor increased owners' interest in businesses that provided different levels of service as opposed to fullservice car washes," says Ryan Essenburg, president of Tommy Car Wash Systems. Technology that automates more functions, including payment collection and loading cars, helps business owners operate with a smaller staff. "This is a significant change from 10 years ago when the traditional car wash was full service and employed 100 people on a busy weekend. Today, an express wash with three employees can handle the same number of cars." Technology has also changed the physical requirements for the building, with 80- or 100-foot conveyors that can wash as many cars as a 200-foot conveyor, and get them just as clean, points out Tricia Knott, creator of the Green Forest Car Wash. Reductions in the conveyor lengths as well as space required for equipment in the tunnel mean that a car wash requires less of a footprint, opening up location opportunities in more areas, she says. 18 CAR WASH MAGAZINE | WWW.CARWASH.ORG | SPRING 2015 Changes in the equipment and building design of car washes also improve the flexibility of the business to fit into non-traditional spaces, says Essenburg. "Historically, car washes had to be set on long, narrow lots due to tunnel length but now we can design a car wash to fit on square outparcels that are found on larger retail sites such as shopping centers," he says. Another change that has affected car wash design is the customer base itself, says Timothy Hogue of Modernwash Car Wash Architecture. "Women are not only an increasing percentage of car wash customers, but they often spend more money on car washes," he said. Women are also very selective about the businesses they frequent because they want to feel safe and comfortable entering the car wash site. "Not only does this mean more open tunnels with natural light, but it also means clear directional signage, easy to navigate driveways and a clean, professional appearance," he said. GLASS GROWING IN POPULARITY Glass buildings not only provide a sense of safety and comfort to customers, but they also serve as a continuous billboard for your business, says Hogue. "People driving by the location can immediately see cars moving through the tunnel, reinforcing the message that it is a car wash," he said. In today's competitive market, having an http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

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Car Wash - Spring 2015