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THE IMPORTANCE O PURP IN PURSUIT OF EXTRAORDINARY OUTCOMES THE PURPOSE OF PURPOSE In Greek mythology, the deceitful king Sisyphus is doomed to spend eternity pushing a large boulder up a steep mountain, only to have it roll back down just before it reaches the top, forcing him to start over again. In another Greek myth, Penelope, wife of the absent Odysseus, sits all day at her loom, painstakingly weaving a burial shroud, only to unravel it each night and start again the next morning. The repetitive work of Sisyphus is frustrating and meaningless, and is designed as punishment, to torture its victim. What about Penelope's? She has willingly chosen a task that appears on the surface to be no different from the burden of Sisyphus - doing, undoing, and redoing work. However, her work has great meaning. Her husband has not returned from war but she believes he is still alive. To ward off suitors while she waits for his return, she agrees to choose one of them as a new husband, but only when she finishes weaving the shroud on her loom. To buy time, she gladly commits to the repetitive job because it holds purpose. Even mundane activity can become meaningful when embedded in the richer context of purpose. Purpose is the magnetic pull that draws us into the future, giving meaning to our actions and injecting us with resilience to overcome stumbles along the way. WORK WITH PURPOSE In 1942 the world was engulfed in war. It was believed that Nazi Germany was moving swiftly to develop the atomic bomb. Before war had broken out, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Leo Szilard, and other leaders in the scientific community of the free world had been alarmed that the United States was not responding urgently enough to counter the efforts of the Nazis. When President Roosevelt finally realized just how imminent the threat was, he responded by launching the Manhattan Project. For this top-secret mission, the best brains in science secretly gathered in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Their goal would be to beat Nazi Germany in unlocking the power of the nucleus and be first to build the atomic bomb. t Los Alamos, Richard Feynman, only 24 years old, was appointed to a role we At Los Alamos, Richard Feynman, only 40 CAR WASH MAGAZINE | WWW.CARWASH.ORG | SPRING 2015 B Y IRI S R . F IR S T EN BER G A ND MO S H E F. R U B I N S T E I N http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Car Wash - Spring 2015

Letter from the ICA
Meet the Board
By the Numbers
Overheard Online
Trends in car wash design
Creativity & innovation: the myth of the lightning bolt
Better by design
Revamping the retail experience
The importance of purpose in pursuit of extraordinary outcomes
Efficient offices for car wash owners/ managers
Risk vs. Reward
Marketing with a purpose
Building a legacy
2014 Consumer Study
2014 Annual Report
Dealing with bad online reviews
Wash ideas with Perry Powell
How can you take your social media to the next level?
Building strong work teams helps your bottom line
The Apple way
Making better business decisions: the critical thinking advantage
Do you know your perfect customer?
10 tips for D.I.Y. recruiting
Businesses victimized by cyber crime: the loss may be theirs
Take a Tour
Unsung (car wash) hero
Blast from the Past
Ask Champ
Download It!
Index of Advertisers
Focus on the Members

Car Wash - Spring 2015