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you're gonna wash that car WHAT? with BY PERRY POWELL HOST OF WASHIDEAS.COM Okay, it took digging for a while to find the scoop on this one. I heard the rumor that someone had actually attempted to wash cars using...Saw Dust! That's right, don't clean your glasses...Saw Dust! It had been mentioned several times in interviews on's legends page, but no one had the dirt, or dust, on the topic. Then in late January, while interviewing Martin Geller, of Vehicle Wash Systems, it happened. Geller's parents had been one of those families that purchased and installed the sawdust car washing system. Now we have a front row seat to the scoop from a direct participant. The following is extracted from Martin's interview. Perry: You have to tell me the sawdust story! Martin: I remember that very candidly. There were two owners to the site in Boston. One of those guys was my father. We built a new building. A guy named Garret Mackintosh was the Inventor. My father and my uncle went out to see him. They were convinced they wanted to do something different in the industry. They bought this unit and I remember as a little kid watching this thing come in. One tank was so big that when it went in the back room, it looked like a brewery back there. That tank was so big that it had to come in on the railroad. A company named Rex made it. It contained a big auger. There were other tanks and the pump station looked like the City of Boston's water treatment pumping station. There were seven or eight huge Allis Chalmers pumps in a basement that sucked the water, separated the sawdust and sent it up to the other tanks and the control panel. It looked like a real sophisticated operation for its day. It did a beautiful job and it shined the car when it was done. The problem with the sawdust was that you just could not keep it out of the vehicle. It would get behind the headlights, in the air cleaner, between the doorjambs. We tried everything to make it work. We even tried using sponge to make it work. I also remember that, in the first six months, it got so aggressive that it was eating out the pipes, wherever there was an elbow. It was like sandblasting the pipes internally and they would start leaking. We would have to cut them out and weld a new pipe in there. It was very interesting, but as far as clean, it did a beautiful job. Perry: You have described one of the issues that had been mentioned about the sawdust system. You could not get the sawdust out of the car. Let me ask the other questions on my mind. SPRING 2015 | CAR WASH MAGAZINE | WWW.CARWASH.ORG 83 http://www.WASHIDEAS.COM http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

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