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LETTER FROM THE ICA THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF INTERNATIONAL CARWASH ASSOCIATION® 230 EAST OHIO STREET SUITE 603 CHICAGO, IL 60611 WWW.CARWASH.ORG +1 (888) 422-8422 INFO@CARWASH.ORG ICA STAFF ERIC WULF CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER EWULF@CARWASH.ORG CLAIRE MOORE CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER CMOORE@CARWASH.ORG CARRIE NORTH DIRECTOR OF SALES CNORTH@CARWASH.ORG THE SPRING ISSUE of CAR WASH Magazine is my favorite issue of the year. It's the largest issue of the year, which means it's the richest issue in terms of content depth and breadth. And, more people see this issue than any other issue during the year. That means we have more opportunities to share great stories. But it's also my favorite because it coincides with The Car Wash Show. The energy around preparing for the show is amazingly positive and incredibly exciting as we get ready for the largest gathering of car wash professionals in the world. That energy spills into everything else we work on during this time of year. The show brings the car wash industry together to learn, to share ideas and to see the latest equipment from suppliers. There are few events where you are able to capture the essence of what is so important to the people in this industry - our community. This year, International Carwash Association is expanding that sense of community through an increase in the number events for car wash professionals. Adding a Sporting Retreat, a tour of car washes and historical sites in Europe, a Supplier Summit, and the innovative "un-trade show" for car wash professionals called Splash! 2016, creates a portfolio of events, both large and small, to help you connect in meaningful ways. You can read more about the events later in this issue of CAR WASH Magazine, and online at I'm excited for the new events. The opportunity to bring people together is an energizing experience for those involved and brings great energy that I think will continue to positively contribute to all that our community can achieve. Soon, I may have stiffer competition for picking my favorite issue of CAR WASH Magazine. Sincerely,   MEGAN CLARK DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP MCLARK@CARWASH.ORG MATT DEWOLF DIRECTOR OF CORPORATE MARKETING & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MDEWOLF@CARWASH.ORG BOGDAN MANTA DIRECTOR OF SALES - EUROPE BMANTA@CARWASH.ORG SOPHIE SANDERS TRADE SHOW DIRECTOR - EUROPE SSANDERS@CARWASH.ORG MATS VAN MUNSTER EXHIBITION MANAGEMENT - EUROPE MVANMUNSTER@CARWASH.ORG MARY SMITH TRADE SHOW DIRECTOR MSMITH@CARWASH.ORG EDITORIAL & ADVERTISING STAFF JULIE AHLGREN MANAGING EDITOR TROY WOODHAM PUBLISHER TABITHA JENKINS SALES MANAGER JASON RUPPERT PUBLICATION DIRECTOR KEVIN TRAN MARKETING GORDON KLASSEN LAYOUT AND DESIGN ADVERTISING SALES JASON BULLOCK, CHRIS CHICCARELLO, KRYS D'ANTONIO, ADAM FIRESTONE, JANET FRANK, DEBBI MCCLANAHAN, JAMIE WILLIAMS, JASON ZAWADA PUBLISHED BY Matt DeWolf Director of Marketing & Editor In Chief +1 (612) 293-4256 5950 NW 1ST PLACE GAINESVILLE, FL 32607 PUBLISHED MARCH 2016 ICW-Q0116/2320 FOR ADVERTISING INQUIRIES: PLEASE CONTACT TABITHA JENKINS DIRECTLY AT (352) 333-3468. © 2016 NAYLOR, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THE CONTENTS OF THIS PUBLICATION MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED B Y ANY MEANS, IN WHOLE OR PART, WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE PUBLISHER. SPRING 2016 | CAR WASH MAGAZINE | WWW.CARWASH.ORG 11 http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Car Wash - Spring 2016

Letter from the ICA
Meet the Board
By the Numbers
Overheard Online
Keeping it Clean
When in drought
Reducing your environmental footprint
Continental divide
Will sympathetic pricing draw customers?
Women in Car Wash
Make money, work with friends
Should the customer have a say in employee pay?
International Profile
Women in Car Wash
Hear and be heard
OSHA update
ICA Annual Report
Creating exceptional managers
When professional contacts get personal
Ten tips for transforming your teams
Becoming an employer of choice
Show me the money
ICA launches new series of events for car wash professionals
CAR WASH Magazine wins award
Take a Tour
Wash Ideas
Focus on a Member
Blast from the Past
Marketing Minute
Download It!
Ask Champ
Top Tweets
Safety Tip
Mea Culpa
Advertiser Index
5 Things

Car Wash - Spring 2016