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wash ideas Dealing with car damage INTERVIEW BY PERRY POWELL Perry Powell is a veteran consultant to the car wash industry. With retail management experience and more than 35 years of sales and marketing experience, he brings a unique set of talents to the industry. Here, we highlight excerpts from his interviews with the car wash industry's best and brightest. Listen to the full interview at DON JACOBS HAS been featured in interviews twice. Don started out as a tire shiner and is now an equity partner in and running two flex serve car washes based in McKinney and Frisco, Texas. Don's rise in the business is a great demonstration of outstanding recruiting and training that, through a series of events, led to his running and owning part of both successful locations. There may be a great word of encouragement in Don's story for employees who give their best and apply themselves to learning the business. Opportunity does knock and it is usually looking for those who have great attitudes and have gotten themselves prepared to lead. WashIdeas recently called on Don to discuss a problem many in the industry deal with: car damage. PERRY: How can you prevent employees from escalating the situation with a customer while discussing damages? DON: It is easier than you may think. I have four or five people in each facility that can make decisions on damages. What I do is demonstrate. As they are learning, I let them follow me, and this is how I learned. They listen to every word I say and when we are done I tell them what I was seeing. You don't ever say no right away. You lose every time. Don Jacobs SPRING 2016 | CAR WASH MAGAZINE | WWW.CARWASH.ORG 115 http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

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