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F E AT U R E D S P E A K E R WHEN PROFESSIONAL CONTACTS GET PERSONAL PERSONAL BRANDING AND SOCIAL NETWORKING BY SIMA DAHL IT HAPPENS EVERY single time, without fail. Whenever I give a keynote, deliver training or coach a business owner on personal branding and social networking, one of the very first questions I am asked is, "How do I keep my professional and personal contacts separate?" My answer, also without fail, is "Why would you want to?" Too many business owners and entrepreneurs see their personal page on Facebook as the way to connect with friends, and their LinkedIn profile as the place for professional contacts. But networks, by their very design, are fluid entities. When we attempt to apply restrictions and control affiliation, we prevent the normal movement of its members - the natural flow that makes having a large and engaged network so valuable. Social platforms give us an unprecedented degree of speed and reach, and put the process of staying connected on hyper-drive. Studies show we're no longer six degrees of separation from one another, but now closer to just two. Why does this matter? Because when you own the business, you are the business. Your personal brand is an extension of the business brand. And by personally staying visible in the social stream with on-brand status updates and engaging behavior, you're better able to reach the people you want through the people you already know. Let's look at an example. Let's say you and I are both members of the local chamber of commerce, and we become friends on Facebook. SPRING 2016 | CAR WASH MAGAZINE | WWW.CARWASH.ORG 87 http://WWW.CARWASH.ORG

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Car Wash - Spring 2016

Letter from the ICA
Meet the Board
By the Numbers
Overheard Online
Keeping it Clean
When in drought
Reducing your environmental footprint
Continental divide
Will sympathetic pricing draw customers?
Women in Car Wash
Make money, work with friends
Should the customer have a say in employee pay?
International Profile
Women in Car Wash
Hear and be heard
OSHA update
ICA Annual Report
Creating exceptional managers
When professional contacts get personal
Ten tips for transforming your teams
Becoming an employer of choice
Show me the money
ICA launches new series of events for car wash professionals
CAR WASH Magazine wins award
Take a Tour
Wash Ideas
Focus on a Member
Blast from the Past
Marketing Minute
Download It!
Ask Champ
Top Tweets
Safety Tip
Mea Culpa
Advertiser Index
5 Things

Car Wash - Spring 2016