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Teenagers Choose Uber Account Over Drivers License W e've been scouring the Internet so you don't have to. (It's possible we found the end of the Internet). Check out these highlights from our recent efforts to find what's interesting and relevant (mostly) in the professional car wash industry! Mini Augmented Vision Concept to be Revealed at Shanghai Auto Show Later this month at the Auto Shanghai show, Mini will reveal its Augmented Vision concept. The goofy-looking goggles will provide drivers with information about their trip that falls within their field of vision. Navigation, speed limits, messages from your phone and parking assistance are just some of the features presented by the glasses. Also, objects that you are usually unable to see because of your vehicle - like animals, pedestrians or other cars - could be spotted and avoided with the "X-Ray view" feature. overheard ONLINE Want real-time updates? Join the conversation and see what we're sharing at any of our social media channels: @carwashorg DHS S&T, USDA Partner to Create Car Wash to Protect Food Supply Agencies like the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) play a critical role in preparing for specific threats to the food supply. One of the key elements to decreasing the effects of an outbreak is to decontaminate areas where animals have been located. But this is no small feat, says the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Science & Technology Directorate (S&T).  "The challenge, in the event of an outbreak, is the need to swiftly decontaminate many large trucks and tractor-trailers that have carried infected animals or contacted infected premises, sometimes to or from areas where freezing temperatures make decontamination difficult," said Lori Miller, an environmental engineer with USDA, APHIS. "What's more is the grueling process for first responders. Research from our Canadian When Jonathan Golden, a scruffy-haired high schooler who lives in Santa Monica, California, turned 16 in November, he couldn't be bothered with the bureaucracy of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Instead, he wanted his own Uber account. That way, he could do normal teenage things without the expense of a car. While Jonathan may be an early adopter, he said that most of his friends don't have a license or car either. Often they share Uber rides, using the app's built-in fare-splitting feature, for afterschool outings and weekend hangouts. In recent years, there has been a considerable decline in the percentage of teenagers with a driver's license, according to Brandon Schoettle, a project manager at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, who has studied the decline with Michael Sivak. In one study, they found that the ranks of 16-year-olds in the U.S. with a driver's license had fallen to 28 percent in 2010, from 46 percent in 1983. partners shows the difficulty of effectively decontaminating a vehicle with what is currently a hand washing method." Research from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency found that a hand washing method in cold temperatures took four hours to disinfect a single vehicle. Responders had to don cumbersome equipment, including respirators, because of the harsh disinfectant chemicals and potential exposure to disease. "We knew there had to be a better way," said Miller. So the group sought out Integrated Solutions for Systems (IS4S) in Huntsville, Alabama to develop a portable wash decontamination tunnel that can operate in cold weather...or a portable cold-weather car wash. According to Miller, "If it's successful, this technology would empower the agricultural community to respond quickly and reduce the taxing efforts of first responders in the event of an outbreak - particularly in colder temperatures." Summer 2015 | car wash magazine | 13

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