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the secret to a sPeeDY recoVerY By charit y BurnS it was 9:09 on a Sunday morning when Larry Groipen received a call alerting him that something terrible had happened to his business, ERC Wiping Products. The fourth big snow storm of the winter had hit the town of Lynn, Massachusetts, the night before, and now the ERC Wiping Product's water alarm, sprinkler alarm and burglar alarm were all going off. It wasn't until Groipen turned on the news that he fully understood what had happened - disaster had struck. "The roof collapsed in one section, and the force of the collapse blew out the front section of the building that faced the street," Groipen explained. The damage seemed insurmountable. And yet, within two days, ERC Wiping Products was up and running again. According to Groipen, the company's quick recovery was due in large part to the well-thought-out disaster preparedness plan, which Groipen and his management team had been developing for years. "The paranoia factor had been sitting in our minds, and we had taken the time to develop lists of contacts and who we would call first, what we would do second, and we also broke it down into what we would do if we had a problem for a day, a few days, or an extended period of time," Groipen said. creating the Plan Groipen and his management team had done something all small businesses should do: They brainstormed every possible disaster scenario and the problems they could entail, and then they devised strategies for dealing with those problems. For example, Val Sweeney, ERC Wiping Products vice president, explained, "I'm on the customer side of the business, so I asked myself: What are we going to do if our electricity is shut off and we lose our phone? If someone calls, I don't want them to get a busy signal. So we established a customer re-direct service. If a call comes in and our phones are down, it is re-directed to my cell phone or Larry Groipen's." As a result, when the roof collapsed, customers could call and even if they didn't get through, they could leave a voicemail. From the customer's perspective, it was business as usual. Groipen and his management team also considered what would happen if they couldn't get into their facility. To address Planning for windows through the ed sh a sm y d San , New York. Superstor m L ong Island in or ot Waves from M t& Moriches Boa and walls at 42 car wash magazine | | Summer 2015

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