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wearing too manY hats? how anD whY YoU shoUlD share resPonsibilities By Sheryl S. JackSon are YoU managing your business or is your business managing you? Business owners who wear multiple hats and continue to take on new hats without passing along responsibilities to others find themselves overwhelmed and out of control when it comes to being productive. It is common for a business owner to feel responsible for every part of the business, especially if he or she grew the organization as an entrepreneur or took a floundering business to new levels of success. Although an owner should always be involved in the company, as businesses grow there is a greater need for owners to focus on what is most critical for the organization's growth and continued success. This requires delegating responsibilities to others in the company. Delegating responsibilities to other people was a tough but necessary decision for Liz Fulghum after she purchased a low-performing exterior express tunnel car wash in February 2015. The car wash is the fourth business she owns, which means her time is stretched to the limits. "I found myself working very long hours - early in the morning, late at night and throughout the weekends," Fulghum said. "I finally reached the point that I admitted I couldn't do everything." Fulghum began delegating responsibilities with the tasks she found easiest to let go. "Bookkeeping was the first task I delegated because it was possible to outsource the activity to an expert Summer 2015 | car wash magazine | 53

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Car Wash - Summer 2015